Thursday, June 14, 2012


106. That is how many days it took for my graduate school application to be completed, received, revised, and (hallelujah!) ACCEPTED!! As of June 2, 2012, I am officially a graduate student at
The University of Georgia,  
where I will be studying Kinesiology - Sports Pedagogy. For those of you who are not familiar with this area in academics, "kinesiology" is also known as human kinetics, or the scientific study of human movement; "sports pedagogy" is the development and construction of the teaching of this ever-broadening idea of sports science.

In addition to furthering my academic education, I will be joining the women's volleyball team as the graduate assistant coach. My job will mostly entail DataVideo and DataVolley analysis. These programs are designed to help coaches evaluate skills, tempo, and efficiency of both the individual and the team thus resulting in more effective training techniques and pre-competition preparation.

I am so excited to be given this opportunity to further both academically and athletically. By combining these two overlapping areas, I hope to be able to continue my volleyball journey to the wide world of coaching. My sporadic blogging will most likely continue throughout this summer, and once I am moved up to Athens, my schedule will be pretty tight, so I make no promises for the fall. I can, however, include to you all a UGA volleyball schedule. You're welcome, and GO DAWGS!