Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Lovin', Had Me a Blast!

This summer, my boyfriend and I spent 5 weeks together. Consecutively. Ok, so we had a 4-day hiatus upon his departure from the USA and my arrival in Munich, but basically we spent every waking moment together. Essentially living together with one's relatively new boyfriend is like being on that game show "Deal or No Deal"; it either works or it crashes and burns. We definitely had our frustrations - mostly when we were stuck in one place for more than 5 hours (ie. tropical storm Debbie kept everyone in Jacksonville inside for 3 days straight, our single day road trip from Athens to Maryville, TN back to Athens, or the flight + train from Amsterdam to Halmstad). Those times were tough, we would both admit, but looking back they are now hilarious.

The trip began in Orlando, FL with DISNEY!
We got married!!! Just kidding!
It's a small world!
Cinderella's castle
Mad Tea Party
Sleepy boy on the way home from Disney
We journeyed on to St Augustine / Ponte Vedra to spend some time at the beach, with my family, and (of course) coaching a little volleyball at JJVA.
Daniel with JJVA 17 -Adis
First trip to Target, he can't decide what to buy! 
St Augustine, FL
Old Town St Augustine
First Chipotle experience - he LOVED it!!
Tropical storm Debbie is over!

Marble Slab Ice Cream
 Visit some of my long lost friends in Aiken, SC
My old school - SABCS

Hopeland Gardens in Aiken


Shopping in Augusta Mall
 Spent the night at the Haney's house outside of Athens
Sophie loves Daniel!!
 Daniel had an interview up at Maryville College in Tennessee
Maryville's gym 
He looks good as a Scot
Celebrating the 4th of July in St Augustine 
Happy 4th!
He was blown away by the fireworks

Our Euro trip took us through Germany, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, and finally back to Sweden
Cheers at the Haufbrahaus
Verona coliseum
Romeo and Juliet's Verona
If you tell a lie, he bites your fingers off
Pula, Croatia
On the Rialto Bridge
The train ride in Amsterdam 
Red Light district
Racing in Halmstad
He's a mac

We had an amazing summer together, and now we just have to wait patiently until Thanksgiving to continue the fun.