Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our first scrimmage: Ljungby VBK vs. Gislaved

The match began very slowly, our team struggling to find a way to score. Our serve receive and first ball contact was very touch-and-go, allowing the visiting team to come out on top with a first set score of 14-25. In between the two sets, we decided to come back with more focus and communication. Set two we were able to put that talk into action, resulting in a 25-14 victory. Jimmie and Daniel both told me “keep going to Jo”; there was just no stopping her. She and I have been connecting very well on all attacks, thanks to our much-improved passing. The 3rd set was similar to the one before, winning 25-16. Despite our two high-margin wins, we struggled in the 4th to go on a run. (Emma started at M2, and then Asha came in to finish out the set.) The points were back and forth throughout the set, as neither team gained more than a 2-3 point lead. Finally, we came out on top 25-23. As this was just a scrimmage match, we would play a fifth set to 25-points. Linn started at setter, Lisa played O1, middles were the same, and Mia played Libero; a little over halfway through the final set, Nata finished out setting. This final game was back and forth, with Gislaved taking the lead at 21-19, but after a few strong serves from Malin, we tied it up. The final score was 26-24; we won 4 sets to 1. (Usually you just play best of 5, but for the scrimmage, we wanted to get more time playing.) Despite our victory, we all knew that this did not mean anything. We needed to focus on the aspects of our game that needed improvement: serve receive and defense, this upcoming week in practice. 

See below for a crude line-up for the match:

           Game 1                        Games 2-4                        Game 5
Jo        Malin        Jule    |   Jule     Asha    Sofie   |    Jule     Asha    Lisa
Me      Sofie        Asha   |   Malin    Jo         Me    |   Malin    Jo        Linn

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