Sunday, November 6, 2011

LVBK Sweeps Svedala

Like last week, the match-day started with an hour-long practice, where we worked on a little bit of everything in preparation for the day’s match. Afterwards, we showered – “gang-style” – and then headed up to the yellow house for our pre-game meal of bowtie pasta with feta cheese, chopped red, green, and yellow peppers, in a delicious pesto sauce. Jo and I convinced the moms to let us take home the leftovers!! #success

After a walk to 7-11 for coffee, it was time to head to the locker room and prepare for the match. Dressed in our ad-covered jerseys, we headed into the gym for warmups. We weren’t able to get video on Svedala prior to this match, so we had very little information to use in preparation for the match. This allowed us to focus entirely on ourselves, which can only help us continue to improve. We did know that they were a young, scrappy team, so we would have to be patient and ready for anything. Daniel reminded us to not take any team lightly and stay focused and patient throughout the match.
Despite holding the lead throughout the first set, we were making many unforced errors, allowing Svedala to score 7 free points of hitting errors alone. Our serving and serve receive, however, was very strong: 6 aces, no errors, and we were only aced once. We took this first set 25-15. Aiming to minimize errors, we came out stronger and more focused in the 2nd, hitting a perfect 10-for-10, and making no reception errors, allowing us to win 25-8. A fifteen minute break between the 2nd and 3rd allowed us to relax a little, but we still came out tough, pulling out a 25-15 victory in just over an hour of play. Our crowd of 300 went wild!!! At the end of the match, they named one of Svedala’s outside hitters and myself as our respective team’s “player of the match”. It’s a really cool thing to be recognized, even if you don’t know what the heck the announcer is saying. I was given a hat, lanyard, socks, wallet and orange flowers!
Quick Stats:
Malin (Outside) – 12 kills, 4 errors; 1 ace, 1 error
Sofie (Outside) – 7 kills, 1 error; 5 aces, 1 error
Jo (middle) – 9 kills, 2 errors; 1 ace, 1 error
Jazzi (middle) – 2 kills, 0 errors; 1 block
Julle (rightside) – 5 kills, 1 error
Me (setter) – 2 kills, 2 errors; 1 ace, 1 error; 2 blocks
My prizes!!!
After the match, Jo and I grabbed our leftovers from lunch and headed home for showers. We would be going to Vaxjo with Daniel, Mattias, and Joel to see Contagion. Upon our arrival at the theater, we learned that Daniel had booked our seats for the wrong theater and we would have to sit in the front row. #fail! The movie was much slower than we anticipated (Mattias actually fell asleep during part of it!). I think one of the best parts was when one of the characters spoke in Chinese, and due to the ever-present Swedish subtitles, Jo and I had no idea what he said. We both immediately turned to Joel and asked “what did he say!!?” Turns out we didn’t miss a whole lot through that translation. As we approached the car to leave, Daniel asked if we saw a phone on the seat – we didn’t. He had lost his phone in the theater (this is a very “Daniel” thing to do…). He was able to get back inside the now-locked theater and we finally were back on the way home. It was a chill night, and a good relaxing way to end our week. 

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