Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day//Boxing Day

The last two days at Piper's house were fairly low key. Both Christmas Day and "Boxing Day" (Dec 26) were spent with all of us playing with our new gifts and relaxing, just enjoying our last few days together. Christmas Day, Piper and Ana spent most of the day cooking, tonight we were having a typical American dinner (ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, corn bread) and a delicious Hispanic meal of pork, Spanish rice, and black beans. Did I forget to mention the homemade apple pies?
Kamryn, Felix, and I were outside for a few hours, relishing the warmth and sunshine (I don't quite get enough of either of these things living in Sweden). We played baseball, tossed the hackie sack, and then went for a walk. I loved being out in the bright air, despite my eyes constantly watering any time I tried to steal a glance at the sun.
Hackie Sackin' in the backyard
Once back at home, Rob offered to take Kam and I on base so we could visit the commissary. On base, they have a lot of American food options and grocery stores, so I was eager to get a Gatorade and a few other American luxuries that we don't have in Sweden. He drove us around the base, showing us where he works, the barracks, and other offices. He was able to explain a lot about his division to me, since I am completely ignorant of anything besides the main branches of the US Military. Apparently within the US Army, there are "subdivisions" such as infantry, calvary, armored, mountain, airborne, airborne brigade combat, and armored calvary. There are also special operations units: special forces, rangers, special operations, special operations aviation, military information, etc. Also, I had no idea that the numbering system had been in place, for some units, since WW1. After our relatively quick trip around the base, it was time to head home and get ready for dinner.
Everyone gathered in front of the TV for A Christmas Story
That night, we watched A Christmas Story as one big happy family, plus two of Rob's army friends (Chester and Steve) and two of Steve's Italian friends (I have no clue what their names are).
Me and Kam playing with Photo Booth on the iPad
The next morning, Piper, Rob, Ana, and Felix headed out on a 6-hour drive south to Rome, while mom, Kam and I stayed at their place. We had to be in Venice the next morning to meet up with three of our friends that would be staying in Europe to go on tour with the New Years Bash.
So relaxing
We lounged around, doing laundry, and packing our bags so we could be prepared for our early morning. Luckily, dad and I were able to figure out FaceTime and we were able to talk to him, Grandma, Grandpa Bill, Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Wayde a little bit.
Grandpa Bill and Grandma rubbing in our faces the delicious Cuban breakfast at Tulipan
We watched a few movies before finally settling in for the night. Tomorrow we would be leaving Vicenza behind and heading over to Venice.

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