Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's official!! We made the PLAYOFFS!!

Yes, my dear readers, we did it! After defeating both Örebro and Svedala home and away, and forcing Hylte/Halmstad, Sollentuna, and Gislaved to 5-set matches, Ljungby Volleybollklubb was able to secure a total of 15 "big points" (because I have no idea of a better way to describe them) towards our overall season record, thus securing our entrance to the first round of the Elite Series playoffs. Did I mention this is the FIRST time that LVBK has sent a women's team to the Elite Series playoffs??

I should maybe explain how we earn "big points". If Team "A" wins a match in 3-sets or 4-sets, they are awarded 3 "big points" to their overall record. It Team "A" wins a match in 5-sets, they are awarded 2 "big points" and Team "B" (who lost) is awarded 1 "big point".

We have our last home match this weekend against RIG Falköping - currently ranked #4. We lost to RIG 0-3 at their place earlier this season and are hoping to have a much better showing against them at home on Saturday (Feb 18). We will travel on February 25 up north to Sollentuna - ranked #7 (whom we lost to at home 2-3), and on March 4 we travel north again to play against Katrineholm - ranked #1 (whom we lost to at home 0-3).

Currently, we are tied with Sollentuna in "big points", however since they beat us in our first meeting, they are ranked higher than we are. If we are able to earn one point or more in our matches against RIG or Katrineholm, and then at least go to 5 with Sollentuna, we could potentially move up in the brackets; however, this doesn't really make much of a difference as far as match-ups go. Playoff matches begin on March 11.

Once playoffs start, whichever team is ranked #1 is allowed to choose which team, ranked 5-8, they would like to play against. Then the team ranked #2 chooses, then #3, etc. It's a little strange, but it could mean the difference between a 2 hour drive or 6+ hour drive. The way I see it, Katrineholm (located near Stockholm) would naturally pick the lowest ranked team that is near them. Makes sense to me, then again, we are in Sweden...

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