Tuesday, July 30, 2013

52 Days of Summer

My summer with Daniel started June 7. We traveled 1,526 miles (over 24 hours of driving) in just FIVE days. Our Trip: Atlanta - Lake City - Lake Park  - Boca Raton - Miami - Key Largo - Ponte Vedra - Athens. 

This was all just 2 days before our week-long trip across the country 4,821 miles from Atlanta, GA to Fairbanks, AK. Despite the exhaustion (and occasional complaints), every second of this trip was 100% worth it. How many people have an opportunity in their life to go to Alaska?

4 wheeling along the Alaskan pipeline
Enjoying the scenery in Denali National Park and Preserve (Mt McKinley)

We spent the next week in Athens packing up my apartment, realizing that there is NOTHING to do in an American college town during the summer, and preparing for our next journey across the Atlantic. We traveled 5,500 miles from Atlanta to Budapest to begin our 2nd coaching tour with Bring it Promotions' Southeastern team. Keep in mind that this was not a direct flight. Our team finished 2nd overall in the tournament, losing to reigning champions Falconara juniors from Italy. For a group of college athletes that had only met 8 days before, we were extremely pleased with all they were able to accomplish. 
2013 BIP-SE team, Global Challenge tournament: Budapest-Pula-Venice

We finally concluded our seven weeks together traveling 1,089 miles from Venice to Ljungby via bus, plane, train, and car. I could not have asked for a more memorable summer. As sad as I am to be leaving Sweden and our summer together, I know that this is just another stepping stone in creating our lives together. 

My trip back to Athens continues adding back over 4,578 miles and a 6-hour time change between Daniel and me. 

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