Monday, March 9, 2015

GVK Suffers a 4-set Loss to Örebro

A cynical GVK goes to Örebro

GVK and Örebro have only met each other once this season, and GVK was victorious 3-2. Now Örebro looks for revenge on their home court.

The match was to be played on Saturday, but has now been moved to Sunday, due to the Davis Cup being held in Örebro. This is no problem for Gislaved.

"We have played really good matches against several top teams. There we have learned what to bring to the match against Örebro," says Runesson.

The focus this week has been on the block and defense game. 6th-ranked Örebro has three talented foreign players that they rely on very much.

"[Besides our defense against those players] we have also focused on how we should attack, but there is nothing I reveal. Örebro has an old GVK player in the team."

It is Josephine Tegenfalk as Runesson talking about.

What will be the key to Örebro?

"If we stick to the game plan and be consistent. And maybe a little boring."

Are you saying that GVK play a boring volleyball?

"No, I do not say. But I can say that our game plan is extremely straight forward. We must have patience, attack and serve on our targets, all the time. While we are playing a compact defense game."

Gislaved VK worth one point

But there was a loss against Örebro

Gislaved did a good match, but it was not enough points.
FINAL SCORE: Örebro Gislaved 3-1 (25-23, 23-25, 25-20, 25-23)
"It's a long trip home now. It's always hard to lose when you played well."

Lisa Tannerfalk knows that Gislaved had followed the game plan. In large parts of the match, GVK was able to succeed, especially in the second set.

"It's a shame that we can not keep it all the way."

It was very close that it became a fifth set. In the fourth set, Gislaved fought to tie it 20-20. Then they lost three balls in a row and Örebro went up to 24-21.

"We fought to come back again. With luck, it could have become a five-set match. We did not give up and laid not down even when we were trailing. We fought on."

She continued: "When we dared to go-for-it, we made some really good points. In the end, we slipped on the finish line. We deserved the points but luck was not on our side."

Lauren Rafdal 21 points (20 kills, 1 ace)
Sanna Schultz 11 points (11 kills, 1 ace)
Jollan Åkerlund 8 points (6 blocks, 2 kills)

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