Sunday, November 15, 2015

Here Continues GVK's Negative Trend: 4-Straight Losses

After a decent start to the Elite Series can not Gislaveds volleyball girls to recognize.
On Saturday came fourth straight loss.

"Frustrating, of course," says coach Daniel Magnusson after 1-3 away against Lindesberg.

Lindesberg-Gislaved 3-1 (25-13, 19-25, 25-23, 25-23)
Hanna Salomäki and Lisa Tannerfalk block against Lindesberg

In front of 223 people in the small northern-metropolis, the visiting team stole the first point of the opening set.

Then Lindesberg served up a 6-1 lead, which quickly became 12-3, and ended with a crushing 25-13 for the home team.

"They played just like we had expected, but Lindesberg has more experience in the squad and probably thought little more of victory than we seemed to do, and could explain why the match went as it went," says GVK-coach Daniel Magnusson.

Second set was much more balanced, and Gislaved won 25-19.

"In the third set, we led for a while up to 17-9 but then we made some mistakes and gave Lindesberg another chance, that led them into some good rotations and they had good plays. Those drops won't work in tight games, you have to win every ball," says Daniel Magnusson.

Saturday's fourth set was a gruesome battle where the two teams were tied 23-23, but then GVK lost by 23-25.

"We must go back to basics, be patient and continue working. I think we could have won this match, given that Lindesberg was just above us in the table," says Daniel Magnusson.

The visiting team's Dutch outside Ester De Vries, led all GVK players with 23 points, which was ten better than the team's second best, Finnish Hanna Salomäki. Both have proved to be wise acquisitions.

"Ester did a good job and scored well when we needed her to, exactly what we expect from her in matches. But even if we lost, it was great to see the girls help themselves and dare in the game. We may have an uphill battle now but I'm sure it turns around," says Daniel.

"Of course you get a blow to your confidence when we have four straight losses, but for me it is important to find happiness into the team again, motivate the girls and work together something good in our future because we have, without a doubt, great potential," he says.

Gislaved is free from elitserien play until 3 December, when they meet visiting team Svedala.

"But we play at home in the Öresund League on Saturday when we meet Danish Amager VK," says coach Daniel Magnusson.


POINT LEADER Ester de Vries 23 points
BLOCK LEADER Ester de Vries 4 blocks
SERVE LEADER Mathilda Carlsson 2 aces

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