Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing in New Year

Breakfast was ok nothing too spectacular. Ceej and I headed down to the 
ski shop to rent our skis and we saw Carly, Ashley, and Destiny. 
Everyone in our group had decided to snowboard except for Ceej, 
Carly, and I so we stayed together the whole time. Carly gave us some skiing tips 
to help us be more in control. We met up with George who was getting 
lessons from a 14-year-old pro boarder. Going down the last hill we 
ran into Kamryn and Pickle who said that Jessica had gotten hurt. She was 
getting put onto a snow mobile sled to be taken to the gondola and 
then the hospital.

Jessica and Kendall's story, as told to me:
They consider themselves pro snowboarders but very very bad at getting 
off the ski lift. They had gone down the run two times and had been 
doing pretty well until Kendall pushed Jessica off of the ski lift. 
Jessica’s board went one way and her body went the other. To quote Jessica 
directly: "fuck fuck Kendall fuck hurry the fuck up help boot 
get my boot out!” Kendall, finally realizing the seriousness of the 
situation, rushed to help her, laughing hysterically, and grabbed her 
camera to first take pictures. The ski lift operator yelled for them 
to move, but once he saw Jessica was hurt, he called ski patrol. She was 
loaded on the back of the snowmobile, wrapped in blankets, and rushed 
to the hospital. Ceej ran down to the lift and then took the gondola 
down to get to the hospital with her. Kendall, Ceej, Urška, and Cory 
went to the hospital with Jessica. The doctors and nurses were all very 
helpful and friendly, making jokes and taking pictures with the girls. 
To everyone's surprise, the hospital was extremely clean and didn't 
smell like a regular hospital, but more like a doctor's office. Jessica 
ended up only having strained her MCL, which keeps her out of activity 
for two weeks.
After dinner we proceeded up the mountain to watch the fireworks in 
the city below. The hike took about an hour; people were crawling 
(Alison and Destiny), others were slipping and sliding, and everyone 
was sweating from all the hard work. After getting to the top, we had 
about 30 minutes before the New Year, so George and I got a Banditos 
Ice each. There weren’t too many people up on the mountain this year, 
so we had plenty room for our American shenanigans. Alison and Destiny 
finally made it up the hill and were freezing so Cory got a round of 
hot wine for us, which was very good and tasted like apple cider. 
After celebrating about 15 minutes of 2009 we all decided to begin out 
initial descent down. Those plastic spoon sleds are super speedy and 
if you place any weight on them you will go flying, which is exactly 
what I did. After zooming past everyone at Mach speed, I got stuck 
behind Ceej who was throwing ice in my face. In my attempt to swerve 
around, her I lost control and headed straight for the snowdrifts. Luckily, the 
large chunks of snow-covered ice provided the friction necessary to 
slow down my now rolling body. Regaining composure, I hiked back up a 
ways to get my sled, which I gave to John. Kamryn was a few feet away, 
so once I slid next to her we conjured up a great plan: she sleds on 
her plastic spoon, I link to her arm and slide alongside her on my jacket to provide 
the drag needed to remain in control. That was a bad idea. Instead, we 
catapulted past everyone, getting closer and closer to what we assumed 
would be our deaths. The sled removed itself from under Kamryn and we 
continued to slide towards doom. We made a few 360s and a couple log 
rolls before Kam decided to dig her legs into the snow to slow us 
down. Unfortunately that merely provided her the leverage to begin 
rolling on top of me, slamming my skull into the ground. We finally came to 
a halt and, through hysterical laughter, attempted to share our versions 
of the escapade with each other. We saw George and ran over to tell 
her our near death experience. After finally, and somewhat safely, 
making the final descent down the mountain we rejoined the group and 
laughed to see everyone covered in ice and snow. It was a great trip, 
but very necessary for me to shower and change.
The first thing I did in the New Year? Pee myself a tiny bit, twice.

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