Friday, December 26, 2008

The amazing race

Delayed flight to Atlanta=horrible domino effect.
Destiny had to go on the earlier flight due to some miscommunication with the travel agent. The Haber's, Jessi, Andi, 
Allison, Ashley, Kam, Jordan R, Holli, Amanda, Ceej, and I made it to our 
gate anticipating our boarding. After getting settled on the plane 
with the false hope of taking off in the next few minutes, we sat in 
line on the runway. Once we landed in Atlanta, Ashley called Destiny 
who had boarded before us, and found out that she actually landed after we did. 
All flights in Atlanta were delayed, but unfortunately we had missed 
our connection to Paris. Ceej texted Carly and found out that she, along 
with Mary and Sam, were forced to board our original plane by the airport crew. After 
being put on stand-by, we joined up with Kendall and Jessica from Boca. Everyone 
got something to eat and then headed to the gate. We then met Joslynn, John, and 
Jordan H, all from Daytona. The flight to Paris, starting at midnight 
Paris time, was uneventful and many were able to get some shuteye, 
while others enjoyed movies and some were annoyed by one of the 17 screaming children aboard. Our flight landed at 10:35am Paris time and we were 
shuttled from our plane around the airport to the gate, taking in 
sites of construction and various backside locations of the Charles 
de Gaulle Airport. We narrowly made our final leg of our journey with me 
leading our group of 19 on a light jog across the airport to terminal 
F. Once aboard our plane, we received weird but decent French 
food...we are eager to get to Venice and begin our land travels to 
Izola, Slovenia. Oh and did we mention the girls have a match tonight? 
Haha--this should be interesting.
Well out of our total 25 people, including Himi, Colleen, Krista, Sam, 
Carly, and Mary, only 12 bags made it to the Aero Porto Marco Polo. 
Joslynn is keeping us entertained with her 12-language translator 
since no one can hack into the wifi. Holli is watching Hitch on her 
mini DVD player; unfortunately Joslynn cannot translate into the 
African Click language. The lovely Italians were so accommodating to 
the members of our group with lost luggage by supplying them with an 
XL t-shirt, a hair brush, tooth paste/brush, a razor, shaving cream, 
and deodorant all in a precious little blue dop kit.
The matches for tonight were cancelled so the girls were relieved of 
their playing duties. We ate dinner at the hotel marina and then were 
given time to walk around town to scope out the town and local shops.

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