Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think we have a slight language barrier issue here..

I have had the honor, nay, the privilege to spend a lot of time with my dear teammate Niki, whom I now can call my friend. During our times together, we have a lot of random conversations filled with various, sometimes strange, topics. Initially, we struggled with some explanations, finding it necessary to bring a Hungarian-English dictionary to find the word we were trying to say. As time has progressed, we have resorted to pantomiming or drawing when words fail us. Our most recent team trip to Budapest provided us with the opportunity to stay together in a room, along with Zsoka. What better chance to talk with a friend then right as you are trying to fall asleep? Cue hours of what American girls call "pillow talk". I have found a few excerpts from that night's conversation that demonstrated just how exactly it is that she and I communicate.

Situation A. Niki: "Green bikini? What is so sexy about the color green in America?" Me: "Nooo, I said whipped cream bikini, you know, like what you put in your coffee. But instead you wear it." Niki: "Oh, yeah that makes a lot more sense."

Situation B. Niki attempted to explain "land pirates", which I still believe are similar to Robin Hood, she was stuck on one word. She described it in Hungarian, and the only part I understood was "szex stílus", to which I immediately guess the word "whip". She looked at me and said, "yes, exactly!" Whoever said that my catch-phrase abilities were useless? Boom. Roasted.

We also compared the differences between pronunciations of names in English and Hungarian. Unfortunately the video is too long to post on here, so you'll have to check facebook--if that works.

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