Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let the games begin!!!

Tuesday marked the start of Március Madness: Magyar Edition. Our team drove to Gödöllő for the first round of quarterfinal matches. In order to advance to the semifinals, a team must win 2 matches. Since Gödöllő is ranked #2, they would host the first match; we would host on Thursday. If necessary, the third and deciding match would be played at the higher seed's hometown.
My team seemed antsy in the lock-room, eager to begin the match. Pregame warmup went well, as everyone looked to be finding their groove well. During hitting lines, Sisco's "Thong Song" played and I knew things were looking up for us. You can't just head songs like that and NOT win. The match started out showing nerves on both side before Gödöllő went on a run; they would beat us 12-25. The second was a little closer, 18-25, but our opponents were in control the entire time. In the third, we came alive, competing hard when Kicsi sprained her ankle. The game was close, both team's point in the 20s. We came together and decided that we would win this game for Kicsi. And we did, 25-23! Going into the 4th set, we all believed that would to take the match. Forgetting about the first two sets, we felt confident and were fighting hard for each point. The scored stayed close the whole game, with neither team taking the lead. Tied at 22-22, the Gödöllő team managed to pull away, sealing the match with a score of 22-25. We would have another chance on Thursday, this time playing at home.

In other matches:
#1 BSE defeated #8 Albrect 3-0
#3 Vasas defeated #6 MAV 3-0
#5 NRK upset #4 UTE 3-0

Match play resumes across the country on Thursday. Stay tuned for more röplabda updates as the week continues!

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