Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's see how many times can I say "lawn mower" in one post?

So it's apparently the "Unofficial Lawn Mowing Day" here in Bekescsaba.

On our walk back from lunch, Niki and I came across a 20-something year old man mowing his front yard area. Most of the yards here are pretty small, so it takes roughly 7 minutes to cut the grass. This guy obviously decided that today was as good a day as any to mow his lawn. As we approached, Niki gawked at the guy, trying to figure out if/where she may have seen him before while I stared, mouth agape, at the lawn mower. Sure, the guy was tall, so maybe mildly attractive--clearly that's not where my attention was--regardless, I was much more concerned with the lawn mower. I know that I sound like such a boy, staring bewildered at his lawn equipment, but you weren't there.
First, there was hardly any sound, despite the lawn mower clearly running. It made just a slight hum, and an occasional crunch as it passed over a twig. Then, I noticed an orange extension cord. Apparently their lawn mowers are plugged in, like a vacuum. Hence my confusion. Do we have electric lawn mowers in America??
We continued walking, turning down the next street, Niki laughing at me for only noticing the lawn mower machine and not the lawn mower person. Despite my efforts, she refused to accept my reasoning, claiming that I was a "weirdo" for checking out the lawn mower and not the guy. The next street over, we saw two more of these electric-style lawn mowers. Naturally, I whipped out my iPod to video this anomaly. Enjoy.

Oh, and the final "lawn mower" word count is 11. In case you were curious.

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