Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back-to-Back Wins Inspire GVK

November 18, 2014

Pre-Game: GVK-RIG Away

On Saturday it is time for the match, this time against RIG Falköping

They are currently in 7th place with 3 points and we are in 10th place with 1 point, so both teams will be very excited and it should be an even and exciting match.

The city of Falköping hosts Sweden's national volleyball gymnasium and there are many exciting players and where every year grows new talent. This year, they have a strong team and show, that despite his young age, they will fight for a position in the playoffs. According to me, we need to be ready for strong attacking from their middles.

We will continue to work on with what we've done well and try to develop areas that we are not completely happy with. I think the key lies in a diverse offensive game and a stable block-defense. In matches like this, it's about minimizing their own mistakes and to dare to "go for it" from serve and attack.

At this writing, we have no injuries and it is with pleasure that we have a full squad for competition. Who knows how we are going to start?

Hoping for your support and do not forget to raise a dragon in the wind.


November 22, 2014

At last victory cheers

GVK's nightmare is over: Victory over RIG Falköping

According to coach Dick Runesson, this was much anticipated. "It was only a matter of time before we would win."
Final Score: GVK 3, RIG 1 (25-27, 25-17, 25-23, 25-21)
Volleyball | Then came, at last, that victory.

After seven straight losses Gislaved VK finally had something to cheer about after Saturday's meeting with RIG Falköping.

"Of course it feels good," says Dick Runesson who could pack the three points in the bag after his team stood for a strong turn-around, from down 0-1 in sets, to win 3-1.

"Without any cockiness, I believe that it was only a matter of time before we would win the match," said Dick Runesson.

With the victory, GVK abandoned last-place of the league. Their climb in the series has begun.

"We know what we need to work with and we want to win more. It's what drives us," says Dick Runesson.

November 23, 2014

Wait a minute - we really won?

GVK losing-streak ruptured at RIG. The feeling afterwards? "Have we really won?"

They fought. Ball for ball. 17-24, 18-24, 19-24, 20-24, 21-24. There, it stopped. With her 18th point, Emma Petersson ended the match with RIG 21-25. The feeling afterwards was not euphoric, but rather a calm wondering: did this really happen? 

"It was great to end it," she says, "But it was a strange feeling afterwards. we did not play one of our best games, but won anyway. Therefore, some of us were thinking, have we really won?"


GVK can rest easy, the three points are theirs. This nightmare of seven straight losses is over and they can start looking upwards in series. Had they continued to descend, however, GVK would need a much better game than the team showed today.

The first set was particularly inconsistent, RIG won 27-25.

"We really wanted to win, so it was a little tense, stressful and anxious on the court," says Emma Petersson. "There were many scattered thoughts, which is a result of feeling this high pressure."

The coach Dick Runesson could only agree. "I am very pleased with the result, but we're lucky that you aren't awarded points on how it looks," he says. "We could have played so much better today."

What failed?
"Communication. We focused on this all week, since we are not used to talking so much in matches. We will continue to train towards better communication."

Change strongly to turn 0-1 to 3-1?
"Sure. and frankly, when we stop making mistakes, we win. which of course is good."


BEST ATTACKER: Emma Petersson, 11 kills
BEST SERVER: Mikaela Larsson, Sanna Schultz, Emma Petersson, 5 aces each
BEST BLOCKER: Lisa Tannerfalk, 4 blocks
BEST RECEIVER: Sanna Schultz, 80% effective
MVP: Lisa Tannerfalk


BEST ATTACKER: Alma Hurtig, 9 kills
BEST SERVER: Stina Rix, 4 aces
BEST BLOCKER: Alma Hurtig and Fanny Andersson, 2 blocks each
BEST RECEIVER: Stina Rix, 77% effective
MVP: Alma Hurtig

Outstanding Performance in Front of Newly Acquired Player

Gislaved VK ran across KFUM Göteborg 3-0 in front of the new signed player, Lauren Rafdal.

Final Score: GVK 3, KFUM Göteborg 0 (25-15, 25-16, 25-18)
Lauren Rafdal cheered for GVK on Saturday
Volleyball | The American player was recruited to GVK to provide more stability.

Since she has signed with Gislaved, the team has won two matches in a row. Nevertheless, she has not played a game yet. On Saturday afternoon she sat in Gisle Sportcenter's stands for the first time to cheer for her new team.

"I like the energy, aggressiveness and how the team support each other. It's a great first impression." She smiled.

Jollan Åkerlund agreed, "We already have stability. It's not that she needed to save the situation. But she will add [to it] and make us even better."

On Saturday afternoon it went well without the new player on the court. GVK crushed Göteborg in straight sets: 25-15, 25-16, 25-18. There was never any danger that the away team would recover like they did in the last meeting, despite GVK trailing 1-4 in the third set.

"We have had some problems [in the past] with keeping the lead in matches. But we've been talking a lot about continuing to play our game and not to lower ourselves to the opponent's level." GVK pressed on and finished with a victory.

"We got into the flow again and showed stability and good team spirit. We pushed through it and could only win. We are moving forward now."

She took a chance from the start

Mathilda Carlsson went from bench players to victory director

It was Mathilda Carlsson's first match in the starting lineup, and certainly not the last.

From the speaker played music from "You Are the Best": "... never doubt that you are the one. And you can have your dreams."

It was symbolic. Even more for Carlsson.  "I told myself before the game. You can do this."

She did that and more. Mathilda Carlsson took full advantage of her debut in GVK's starting six.

"It felt pretty good."

"Three of five maybe..."

Not four out of five then?
"Okay then. Four out of five." She smiled. 

She had every reason to do so. She had taken her chance and she had many attacks against KFUM Göteborg.

"I tried to take it easier and then I was very stable in my serve receive. My previous appearances have given some confidence and my teammates have been really positive and pumped me up."

Nerves Erased

All the nervousness that existed when Gislaved dropped a 2-0 lead to 2-3 against Göteborg was blown away. GVK appeared complete and focused and at the same time in Saturday's match. Despite trailing 1-4 at the start of the third set, could not be unhinged.

"We were quiet, methodical and do it, we'll even when we are below. We have made great strides since we lost to Göteborg. It is a brand new team," said coach Dick Runesson.

Home Court Advantage

The home team was better than Göteborg in everything: serve, receptions and blocks. 
GVK won most recently against RIG Falköping; victory going to the team that was the best of the worst. This time, GVK were clearly the best. GVK's best player, Emma Petersson, contributed greatly to it, but none can be overlooked. The entire team played a good game all the way through.

"I was able to sub in players from the bench that not only helped to maintain the level, but raised it. Fantastic!" says Runesson.


Best Attacker: Emma Petersson, 11 kills
Best Server: Emma Petersson, 3 aces
Best Blocker: Lisa Tannerfalk, 5 blocks
Best Receiver: Meghan Sherman
MVP: Emma Petersson


Best Attacker: Ellinor Nilsson, 8 kills
Best Server: Lisa Westby, 3 aces
Best Blocker: Jennie Hugosson, 2 blocks
Best Receiver: Lisa Westby
MVP: Katarina Bagavac

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