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Despite Obvious Improvements, GVK Suffers Back-to-Back Losses

November 12, 2014

The break killed Gislaved’s fight

This season's best sets. Then came break - and the fall. "We're not quite there yet," says Sanna Schultz.

Final Score: Gislaved 1, Svedala 3: 22-25, 25-22, 16-25, 18-25
GISLAVED | You have heard it before. You get to hear it again: GVK was close, but not close enough.

In home meeting with Svedala, 2014 SM runner-up, was the blue-clad once again for a solid effort. Sure, they lost the first set with 22-25, but they gritted. Battled. Tore both walls and beams and managed to get back into the game.

"In the second set we did everything. We had good energy on the field, all dared to go for it," says Sanna Schultz. “Our best set so far this season”

The coach Dick Runesson enjoyed just as much effort. "I felt calm and relaxed. We responded perfectly at the end of the set, where we've lost before. Now we know that we can win on our own merits in those positions. We will definitely take with us into the future.”

After the ten minute break between the second and third set, Svedala's big stars Holly Franks and Autumn Wedan came out and smashed home the match. The fighting GVK game remained the locker room.

"That damn break." Dick Runesson sighs. "Generally, it should be good, if you need to talk through lot of things. We had the momentum, and I just wanted to go back out and play. But that’s how it is. We have to get better at coming back from the break.”

It was by 16-25 in the third. 18-25 in the fourth. No funny numbers. It was fun, however, to see Stina Lindstam enter into the match’s final set. After being plagued with illness the past two months, she finally made her Elite Series debut for GVK.

"I was really nervous. It's good to be nervous and I was in the beginning. But when I got to come in, I had calmed down,” she smiles. “And it was fun because I got a really good block.”

What did you see while watching the match from the sidelines?
"We had some dips and we got stuck in them for some time. But as long as we focus on the next ball, we can continue to play well. And then, we will find a solution.”

Sanna Schultz adds: "We know we can ...."

But ...?
"... we are not really there yet."


BEST ATTACKER: Emma Petersson, 12 kills
BEST SERVER: Meghan Sherman, 2 aces
BEST BLOCKER: Jollan Åkerlund and Lisa Tannerfalk, 3 blocks each
BEST RECEIVER: Emma Petersson, 94%
MVP: Emma Petersson


BEST ATTACKER: Autumn Wedan, 21 kills
BEST SERVER: Holly Franks, 3 aces
BEST BLOCKER: Viktoria Nordstrom, 2 blocks
BEST RECEIVER: Autumn Wedan, 95%
MVP: Autumn Wedan

November 14, 2014

Pre-Game: GVK-EVS

GVK to face Engelholm, Saturday at 14: 00

Tomorrow it's time again for an exciting game against the series runner-up Engelholm.

We are fully aware that it will be tough and EVS have run over the opponent that they've met so far in the series. The advantages of a match of this nature is that all the pressure is on the opponents. We are strong at home and our keys will be in a stable defense game and a tough serve.

In a face text against EVS must designate Isabella Haak 15 years old but already with credentials that beats most. One of the biggest talents ever. She is fifth in the overall points league and has already made debut in the Swedish national team.

EVS is a large and complete team but we know that if we show a lot of heart and follow our game plan, nothing is won in advance.

We will welcome the challenge and hope we get to see you in the stands. Your support means a lot.


November 15, 2014

GVK did what no others have managed

No one has previously taken a set against Engelholm this season. Today Gislaved did just that.

Final Score: Gislaved 1, Engelholm 3: (11-25, 13-25, 28-26, 15-25)
GISLAVED | Hylte/Halmstad has failed. Katrineholm has failed. All have failed so far. Until Gislaved stood as the opponent. Then Engelholm lost their first set of the season.

To think the series’ current last-place team could upset the undefeated series leader was quite impossible, but GVK stood up well. Despite EVS winning their three sets far by ten-points or more, the third set showed that GVK is on the rise.

GVK won the third set through a good serve reception and an aggressive offense. One good set was not enough. Engelholm ground down Gislaved in the final, and GVK continues to find themselves in last place in the Elite Series with seven losses and only one point recorded. But as a coach Dick Runesson reminds all since the start of the season, 
GVK comes closer and closer.

November 16, 2014

GVK managed what none other could

GISLAVED | It was a loss for GVK, but they did something that no one else has before. The talk before the match was to Gislaved would not be able to take more than ten points per set. But did you, in each set. You also succeeded in something that both Hylte/Halmstad and Katrineholm failed. Gislaved won a set against the superior opponents.

“It was the same as when we met Svedala; we managed to take a set. We did it because we do good things. We need it to last longer, a full match, first and foremost. We have it in us, we showed it today,” says Runesson, and continues: “We showed a lot of heart in the third set, we came out as a completely new team. But unfortunately it gives no points. We are not there yet. But we will get there, I promise. I'm still not worried.” Gislaved really showed heart in the third set, just like Runesson says.

Engelholm SuperiorThe two teams went back-and-forth in the third set and GVK trailed 20-22. Then they took four straight points and turned the tables. Engelholm tied it at 24-24, and the teams exchanged points until that Johanna Larsson decided the set with a serve-ace at 28-26. But that set-victory did not give much. Engelholm was superior in the other three sets, despite Gislaved had a lead of 9-8 in the fourth.

“It's a shame because we had a good start there. We saw that Engelholms coach became redder and redder, and it is good for us when he gets red in the face,” Dick says, laughing.

Fine DebutOne that did not get lost in the game was 17-year-old Therese Bengtsson. She started playing volleyball for a year and a half ago, played in GVK’s C-team last year, and today experienced her first Elite League games. “It was fun and it was exciting. I'm happy with my effort,” she says.

Think you have increased your chances of getting more play in the starting six now?
“Yes but ... I do not know. We'll see. You never know,” she says.

Dick Runesson has more good things about his young protégé. “She may be the greatest center the talent we had here. She has a unique ability that she is thinking not so much. If you tell her something that she should do, she does it without question. This club will be happy to have such talent here! She walks in here and meet Sweden's best teams and played well. So impressive!”


BEST ATTACKER: Meghan Sherman and Emma Petersson, 10 kills each
BEST SERVER: Emma Petersson, 3 aces
BEST BLOCKER: Jollan Åkerlund, 2 blocks
BEST RECEIVER: Sanna Schultz
MVP: Mikaela Larsson


BEST ATTACKER: Isabelle Haak, 24 kills
BEST SERVER: Jennifer Cross, 6 aces
BEST BLOCKER: Jennifer Cross, 3 aces
MVP: Isabelle Haak

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