Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meghan prefers hairspray

The American took the highest number of hats in Gislaveds VK during the season.

She was awarded the Värnamo Nyheter hat league honor, but the best prize Meghan Sherman won this year was something else entirely.

First she did not know what her teammates were talking about. It took the full autumn season before Meghan Sherman realized that hat league was not actually about real hats.

"It was only when a reporter called and asked about the hats that I understood what it was for real."

Being awarded hats from VN's sports editorial staff has not been a focus for Sherman. Never before, and not now.

"It's not the most important thing, but it's still super cool to be recognized for the hard work I put into volleyball. I'm a player who does not think so much about an individual prize, but focuses more on the team's success. But it's always fun to get a flap in the back for the work I put in."

On the other hand, she has happily won the MVP-prizes after the games.

"Mikaela Larsson won 500kr gift card to H&M. That was the best prize all season!"

So then did you try to play better right?
"Haha. I always try to do my best"

Did you win any MVP Award this season?
"I won hairspray"

Okay, that doesn't sound so good ...
"Yeah, it was perfect. Then I didn't have to buy it. You do not want to have a hair-catastrophe in the middle of the match, so hairspray is a must."

American teammate and friends Lauren Rafdal and Anna Dyakiewicz have left the club. How do you feel about that?
"They are the closest thing I have from back home in the US so it's hard for me to see them go home. But our friendship is not over just because I don't see them every day. Lauren is looking forward to starting her career as a nurse, which she had just gotten her licensure before coming to play in December. This was her last season with volleyball and I'm really happy for her to start doing what she loves. Anna moved to Turkey where her boyfriend is playing volleyball professionally and she is hoping to start back playing more beach volleyball. I think it will be really good for her. "

When your friends are going home, does it make you long for home?
"I have a totally different situation than they had. I have lived in Sweden for over a year and have a fiancé here, so a lot of my things and clothes from home are here. There has been a small kind of changes for me. Back home in Florida, I always had bright colors, now I just wear black, white, and gray. And I have seen on the television program "Welcome to Sweden" and realized that I have become more Swedish. When I talked to mom so I say "a" and "mm" as people say in Sweden to mean "yes" and my mom has no idea of ​​what I'm saying. But of course when it's raining and cold here and I see that it's 75 degrees and sunny in Florida, I wish I was there."

But you will play next season for GVK?
"It's hard to say anything about next season. I have not had my meeting with the club yet. I would gladly stay, but the board must first decide which direction they want to go for next season. But I would love to stay here. I am starting to find a life outside of volleyball well. It's a really small town but now I feel more and more at home here. "


  1. Meghan Sherman, 39
  2. Amanda Länkinen, 32
  3. Sanna Schultz, 27
  4. Lisa Tannerfalk, 19
  5. Lauren Rafdal, 16
  6. Emma Petersson, 15
  7. Mikaela Larsson, 10
  8. Jollan Åkerlund & Mathilda Carlsson, 5

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