Saturday, April 11, 2015

Now GVK Starts to Build for Next Season

The season ended about two weeks ago. Now, efforts to shape next year's squad are starting.

The very evening Gislaved VK went out of the playoffs, head coach Dick Runesson canceled his contract with the club. Runesson hopes to continue, but wants to be sure that he and the club share the same ambitions. This week, the two parties had their first meeting.

"We have sat down and gone through the season, what was bad and what was good. We even had a discussion about what is needed for the future. Because we have high aspirations," says sports director Lars Englund.

How high ambition?
"To the top tier of the elitserien."

So you agree that with Dick Runesson to make the effort?
"He seems happy that we have the ambition to belong to the top, so where are we in agreement."

The club has not given Runesson a contract proposal, but should sit down and discuss again next week.

"He has said what he wants. Now the board will sit down and discuss what we ask in return from him. In addition, we must ensure that we have the support for things that we enter into," says Lars Englund.

Answers to questions
Exactly what Dick Runesson said and what he wants is nothing he would like to comment.

"I will not comment specifically what it is I want, but I want to hear what direction the club will take in the future. We didn't discuss so much about my personal details in a possible contract, it's not that important to me," says Dick Runesson.

Did you know that you came along?
"We agreed on most things, but it is a bit small details that still need adjusting. I got some answers to questions I asked."

Good answer?
"Both clarifying and positive answers," says Runesson.

Besides Dick Runesson, many players currently stands without a contract.

Englund comments on the 2014/15 team: 
Lauren Rafdal: Not continuing with GVK next season.
Anna Dyakiewicz: Not continuing with GVK next season.
Meghan Sherman: Has a 1 + 1 contract; GVK hopes she will continue next season, but there are some areas that need to be resolved.
Mikaela Larsson: Has terminated her 1 + 1 contract; GVK talking to her and she can be considered for next season.
Lina Johansson: Has a 1 + 1 contract; hopes she comes back quickly from her injury (February) and plays next season.
Joyce Ã…kerlund: Has said that it was her last season, but you never know, she might get hungry again.
Amanda Lankinen: Has terminated her 1 + 1 contract; we'll see what happens there.
Lisa Tannerfalk: Contract expires in the summer. Should begin negotiations with her soon for next season.
Mathilda Carlsson: Have 1 + 1 contract.
Sanna Schultz: Had problems with injuries, and said it is her last season.
Elin Andersson: Graduates from high school this year; we want to keep her and talk with her.
Emma Pettersson: She has had a knee injury (December) and we'll see how it heals; want to keep her in the club/team.
Jessica Lakatos: Was injured with disc prolapse last season; doubtful that she can continue another year.
Johanna Larsson: Will be a mother this summer; happy to keep her involved with the team.

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