Saturday, January 29, 2011

Szolnok, the Elephant, and Babylon Disco

"volleyball and rock-n-roll, rock-n-roll and volleyball" - Joe: The day didn't officially begin until after lunch at Holsten's. We left Bekescsaba around 3:45 to head to Adam's hometown, Szolnok to watch the local pro basketball team play. The drive was fairly short, but managed to teach me many Hungarian phrases. Unfortunately none are quite appropriate for a blog; however, I can tell you that Adam does NOT like driving through fog. Especially if he gets stuck behind someone going about 35 kpm. He doesn't have much driving patience. Finally at the gym, we bought our tickets and headed in to find our seats. This place was packed with die-hard fans. Adam had told me that this team won both the Hungarian cup and Hungarian championship in the 2006-2007 season, and has had large amounts of followers since he was a young boy. Over 500 people would travel to away games alongside the team. Talk about fan-commitment. The match was really intense, with the crowd constantly engaged in heckling and cheering. The first half went back and forth, with neither team really taking much of a lead, but Adam assured me this would not be the case for the 2nd half. The Szolnok team proved his point. At one point, an American player on the visiting team got a technical, causing the local fans to erupt in heckling--a cup of beer was actually thrown onto the court causing a 10 minute time out for cleaning up the spill. Rounds of "f*** you, Bell!!!" erupted from the stands. The guys who threw the beer onto the court were escorted out of the gym prior to play resuming. The Szolnok team won, allowing us to leave the gym with a very happy Adam.
On the drive home, Niki called Barbi to check on our plans for the evening: surprise party for Kisci at the Elephant bar before we would head to the Babylon disco.

We stopped by the Elephant to say hi before we drove to Speed Pizza for some dinner. There would be no drinking on an empty stomach. Niki and Adam dropped me off at the hostel so we could all change. I rushed upstairs to Barbi's room to borrow some party clothes, as I still had not found any to call my own. Dressed and ready, we called a cab and headed over to pick up Niki on the way to the Elephant. After enjoying some cake and hanging out with the birthday girl, Tonsci, Barbi, Niki, and I were ready to shake our booties all night long. Babylon disco, here we comeee!!

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