Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wait, can you say that again?

I have decided that it would be a good idea to start news reports, filming myself and my teammates during my Hungarian adventures, as to allow my friends and family back at home a better "feel" for my life abroad. Upon filming, I would introduce myself and tell everyone where we are. This has proven to be difficult for two reasons: a) I had no real idea of where that is usually, and b) I am typically unable to pronounce the name of the city. Unfortunately, these are just some of the limitations to my broadcasting skills. I am not a perfect person, and tend to butcher the pronunciations of city names, or names in's really any word that has "gy", "ny", "ty", or one of the many "o" or "u" vowels. It's fair to say that the majority of Hungarian words are outside of my speaking capabilities. Regardless, the team finds it important for me to constantly repeat these words for them, usually resulting in rounds of laughter, thus diminishing my self-esteem to an all-time low.

Exhibit A: A recent match took our team to a northwest corner of Hungary. Upon filming, I introduced myself and, as I went to inform my captive viewing audience of our whereabouts, it dawned on me that I had no idea where that was. My quick thinking got me out of that pickle, as I turned the camera on Barbi, asking her to tell everyone where we are. "Nyíregyháza". "Near-in-haza? Can you say it again...slower this time". She stated this so matter-of-factly. There would never be any remote possibility that I could correctly say that word. Good thing I won't be traveling back there anytime soon.

Exhibit B: the Hungarian word "csodálatos", meaning "wonderful". This word is far from wonderful. Pronounced cho-dal-i-tosh. According to Niki, Americans have a higher tendency to use vocal inflection while speaking than Hungarians, which is the reason behind my inability to somewhat correctly say this word. Ágó finds this to be especially humorous.

Exhibit C: "Úristen", a phrase commonly used by many of my teammates which means "oh my God". Kicsi first introduced me to saying this word, and the only way I can truly pronounce it correctly is to mimic her. It should be noted that when she says this word, it is in a high-pitched, cartoon-like manner, in which case I will parrot it back to her. Once again, cue rounds of laughter.


  1. So happy that UT provided the necessary tools for you to be proficient in another language! HA :)
    Love the video idea, you are a regular Cecil B DeMille

  2. there are plenty more where that came from, please stay tuned for more ground-breaking performances :P