Monday, February 7, 2011

Bekes Region All-Sports Banquet

So today, we had an all-sports banquet type thing for the Bekes Region. Adam drove Niki, Barbi, and I to the city center where we would go to the theater for the banquet. Misi and Attila whispered from the row behind us, “fordito, Niki!” before chuckling. So, Niki attempted to translate some of the information for me, but most of it was “not important”. I found out who each of the award recipients were, and the sports they played. They were recognizing the top 3 individual men/women athletes and the top 3 sports teams (handball was #1, ping pong is #2, and volleyball took #3). They also recognized a bunch of people from the region who do stuff for athletics, I’m assuming they are athletic department-type individuals.

Our team got called up to get recognized; We all got a certificate, a cookbook, a towel that has the region logo on it and a pink tulip. Unfortunately, they misspelled my last name..."Shermann", silly Hungarians. But still pretty cool, they had some people sing for us, and had a little skit performance. I didn't really get it, but it was still kind of funny...I think one guy was supposed to be hung-over, and another guy was supposed to be on some kind of drugs.

Then we got some champagne and access to a buffet. They had all kinds of food, different pasta dishes, some meats, cheeses, fruits, and of course dessert. Attila (our coach) went to the dessert table, and cut every type of cake in half before putting them on his plate so he could try them all. He then decided to eat a bite of one, rotate the plate, eat a bit of another, rotate the plate, eat the last flavor. He did this until all the cake was gone. And I watched him the whole time, thinking it was hilarious. I look up and see that he caught me watching him, and says "mi van??" (what’s up) to which all I said was "semmi" (nothing). So then Niki explained what I was watching, and she and I are cracking up, all he did was make an awkward grin. We looked around, noticing that we were the pretty much the only ones left at the party. Guess we know who the fat kids are…

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