Thursday, February 17, 2011

Orange you glad its valentine's day?

Valentine's day is a day for love and romance, X's and O's, candy and flowers; one that celebrates affection and intimacy between lovers. It is a day to shout from the rooftops your undying love for that special someone who has won over your heart. This day, created by Hallmark, is one that people are to overly express their emotions and gush upon their loved ones. I hate this day. Lucky for me, I have the great Atlantic Ocean separating me from my valentine so I was able to avoid any and all romantical gestures.
Instead, I went about my day as usual, enjoying lunch at Holsten's with Adam and Niki. We had the day off from practice, so instead I was able to catch up on some shopping at the Csaba Center before doing some grocery shopping. Tonight there would be a valentine's day party at Orange Club, near the main city center, just a block or two from Niki and Adam's apartment. Around 5:45, I headed over to Niki's so we could begin our preparations for the evening. First on the agenda? shop for cocktail ingredients. We wanted to make our own fruity pre-party drinks at her apartment to get us in the festive mood. Back at home, we ordered pizza, showered and started to get ready. Selecting the perfect party outfit is a long and grueling process, the earlier it can begin, the better. Toncsi came over and helped as hair-stylist, a job she was quickly fired from; it was nothing personal, my hair just has a mind of its own and is often better left untamed. As we added the finishing touches, Barbi joined us for a few drinks before heading over to the disco. Let the fun begin!!!
Upon entering the club, we had a decision to make: green or red? Green if you are "single-and-ready-to-mingle", red if you are "taken-and-therefore-have-nothing-fun-to-rhyme-with". We selected our hearts, danced, laughed, and drank some more, constantly entertained by the random happenings around us. We ran into two of the local football players and FFTT (f**king famous touchdown Tony) and hung out with them for most of the night. One person in particular was able to provide laughter for days after.
Here, I shall share her story:
Her name is not important, just her valentine's day actions. My first introduction to this lady of the night was rather abrupt. I was sitting at a table, talking with Barbi and Toncsi when out of nowhere two bodies come timbering down. You would assume that people would rush to their aid as they painfully gathered themselves upright, but no. Instead they laid there, half-intertwined sucking each other's faces. Upon conclusion, the girl got up with a dazed look on her face, wiped her mouth, and walked back to the bar. The guy, on the other hand, seemed to have suffered more from the fall, and took his time recovering. Unsure of what I had just witnessed, I asked Niki if she had seen it as well. The look in her eyes confirmed this was real life. Later that night, this girl was spotted dancing somewhat sloppily with, you guessed it, the same boy she tackled. Obviously he hadn't had enough of her tender lovin'. A few days later, I received an anonymous tip about the rest of our lady friend's evening. It appears that she was a virgin at the start of the night, however, this changed after a romp in the sack with none other than the boy from the bar. That night they somehow "lost" the condom and she's not on birth control (being a virgin and all) so she went to the doctor to get Plan B just in case...well they found the condom. Clearly this would be a valentine's to remember.

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