Monday, February 14, 2011

Everything you need to know about the Hungarian Championship

Due to our performances Feb 11 and 13, the BRSE has secured their 7th place ranking in the Extra League (1st league in Hungary) by defeating Kaposvár. We will face the 2nd ranked team, TEVA-RC from Gödöllő in the quarterfinals; the first match is away on March 1, then we play at home March 3. In order to advance on to the final four, you must win 2 matches, so if necessary we will play against Gödöllő in a 3rd match to determine who stays en route to the championship and who will play in the consolation matches for places 5-8. In order to better understand the Hungarian championship post-season, I have developed a bracket for those of you at home to follow.
1. BSE FCSM vs. Albrecht-VSC-Misi Miskolc
2. TEVA-RC Gödöllő vs. Békéscsaba RSE
3. Vasas Danube Buda Car vs. SC Pre-MAV
4. NRK-Nyiregyhaza vs. Ujpest TE
You must win 2 matches in the first round, as mentioned above, in order to advance on to the semifinals/final four. From there, you must win 3 matches to advance to the finals, where you must win 3 matches to be crowned Hungarian Champion. For those of you who are visual learners, like myself, see the bracket below. I'm not sure exactly which teams will play each other in the next rounds, but this can give you a general idea.
If at any time, you lose, you will move to the consolation bracket. If you lose in the quarterfinals, you are now fighting for places 5-8, and must only win 2 matches to move on. If you lose in the semifinals, you will play for 3rd place; I believe this is also 2 matches to win, but not completely sure. See the loser's, I mean, consolation bracket below:

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