Monday, January 19, 2015

GVK Handed Another Loss From Hylte/Halmstad

16 January 2015
Former Player Strengthens GVK

Anna Dyakiewicz has previously played two seasons in Gislaved VK. 
Now she's back to provide even more stability. 

Emma Petersson's playing status remains unknown after her injury against Katrineholm (7 Dec), therefore Anna Dyakiewicz is welcomed to GVK.

“Had it not been a player who has been here before, I would not have agreed to bringing her in. It is a great advantage that she knows GVK,” says GVK's coach Dick Runesson.

Dick and Anna have had contact since she left Gislaved after the 2013 playoffs. It was Anna who took the initiative and asked if she could come back and play with Gislaved.

“It feels good that she's back. She is the type of player that I always am interested in. She is serious and wants [to win] very much. She also begins to get a little routine now.”

Anna Dyakiewicz has dual British and Canadian citizenship and has most recently trained in the Turkish league. She is a spiker who can play both right and left.

“She will help with stability in serve reception, attack and defense. Maybe she will not make 25 points every game, but she's a solid player,” says Runesson.

Anna Dyakiewicz arrives to Gislaved on Tuesday.

19 January 2015
We Were Not There Today

Final Score: Gislaved 0, Hylte/Halmstad 3: 16-25, 15-25, 22-25

On the days when the opponent outplays you, you must be able to recognize it. "It's sad to say but so be it," said coach Dick Runesson.

Last Thursday, Gislaved won 3-0 against KFUM Göteborg away. On Sunday, it was the opposite against Hylte/Halmstad. Not because of the GVK-girls dropped their volleyball skills, but rather that Hylte/Halmstad performed better.

"They were better at all positions. I am not going to come up with some excuses for there is none" says Runesson.

"Not beautiful"
Runesson has his own theory to explain why Hylte/Halmstad was so much better: "we were not there today. We could not score our own points, again, it is the mental part. Sure we rallied and showed commitment in the third set, but other than that, there was nothing.”

No, the first two sets were not much fun. GVK scored just 16 points in the first and 15 in the second.

"I think we have too much respect for Hylte/Halmstad. Sure it's fine, but we should not go around thinking they are so good" says Runesson.

Little errors
Before the match, GVK talked about getting HH’s setter and attackers off of the net. A plan that was not at all successful. As soon as the opportunity arose, the home team no mistakes.
"They're immensely little mistake. Misses hardly anything.”

A tough loss for GVK, but Dick Runesson was not too downhearted: ”No, it's just that we do it better next time. We are in a development phase we will now run on the week and prepare as well as possible before Lindesberg at home on Saturday. We can play, but the mental part must also be included.”

Also the club will be obtaining a former player in Anna Dyakiwiecz on Tuesday. The idea is that she should be with and play in Saturday's game.

"She is mentally stable and can help us make more stable. She is well-trained and is good at keeping the track of his teammates.”

Can she help you to be “there"?

"Yeah, absolutely. She is good at stepping up on the court. But I also want to stress that she is not a savior. We still expect a team effort to continue this season," said Dick Runesson.

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