Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hats Off in GVK

6 January 2015
Meghan: "We are taking big steps"

She had taken one and a half years off from volleyball to study. 
Now she is one of Gislaved’s best players in the hunt for a playoff spot. 
“I feel comfortable with the players, the coaches, and the entire organization. Joining a new team brings new tactics and new strategies to learn, but I think every player on our team is getting better every day. We are making great strides,” she says.

Meghan Sherman was the only professional player Gislaved had, before the club picked up Lauren Rafdal. The fall season has perhaps not been the best for her and the team, but Sherman has picked the most hats in the fall. And she believes in great success in the spring.

“It has been nice to have a break where we let our bodies and minds rest. Now we'll come back and be refreshed. Each workout is a new chance to learn and challenge ourselves,” she says.

She thinks, as I said, GVK developed every day.

“We have more confidence, and with self-confidence, more skill. We can take several steps forward and be more complex in our skills. We have created a good foundation to build on. Now we can introduce new types angles and speed into our play.”

That she has received the most hats, was surprising: “Cool! I had no idea!” 

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