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Victory for GVK

21 January 2015
GVK at the Top
A tough year in the elite series, but not all is lost for GVK. Two players currently rank amongst the league's top-eight blockers.

Ã…kerlund (7) and Larsson (2) block against Hylte/Halmstad
Gislaved currently sits in eighth place with 13 points in the Swedish Elite League. A repeat of last year's successful season seems impossible. The match performances this season have been inconsistent. Despite well-implemented actions against top team in points, most matches offer mediocre performance. A review of statistics for the top division gives a hint that GVK's players have not succeeded so well, but there is one exception.

Block Party
In the category "Best blocker" is Lisa Tannerfalk in fifth place with 34 block points, while teammate Joyce Akerlund is in eighth place with 30 block points. The coach Dick Runesson comment duo's effort: "Honestly, our blocking game was a little shaky in the beginning of the season. But it has taken more and more and the timing has improved. To block a quick way to earn points."

The Center Lisa Tannerfalk tend to occasionally check the statistics and know roughly how she stands. "It's always fun if [you] are at the top of any statistical category. I have my own individual goals that I focus on and like most middles, that is blocking."

Anything Can Happen
This season has been sluggish, to no surprise of the 24-year-old. The team is largely new, and therefore have the realistic goals to reach the playoffs.

Tannerfalk (9) and Sherman (6) block against Lindesberg
"I think we play good considering the conditions. We are pretty happy with how we've performed against the top teams. Now we try to have a good second part of the season. Overall, we have done well and when we get to the playoffs, anything can happen, as we have shown earlier seasons."

Not Satisfied
What do you think of your season?

"A little up and down. Some games I'm happy with when I have been able to help the team. But there are games where I'm not satisfied, where the team as a whole does not reach our level and where we do not show the fight to win," says Tannerfalk.

On Saturday Gislaved meets Lindesberg at home.

24 January 2015
Dyakiewicz Returns - GVK Wins

GVK brought entertainment on Saturday beating 3rd-ranked Lindesberg.
FINAL SCORE: Gislaved 3, Lindesberg 1 (25-21, 20-25, 25-20, 26-24). 

In their previous meeting, the match was 3-0 to Lindesberg. During Saturday's Elite League match in Gislaved, results were different.

GVK came out completely focused and took command directly. Lindesberg’s go-to player Marjorie Giordano was unnoticed. GVK served well and Giordano was unable to get into her usual groove.

Tied 1-1 after two sets, which could just as easily have been 2-0 to GVK. The teams were tied at 20-20, but Lindesberg edged out the win over a passive Gislaved team.

The home team rebounded out of the 10-minute break fully focused, securing the next two sets and thus the match with 3-1.

“[This was an] incredibly important victory. Now it is the most important part of the season before the playoffs and it's nice that we can show ourselves and everyone else that we are a strong team,” says Lisa Tannerfalk.

Besides the victory was another joy: Anna Dyakiewicz was back in the blue jersey. “This was really fun. It does not feel like I ever left Gislaved,” she says.

Anna was substituted in the first set's last ball and then saw a few more plays throughout the match. But she has also just two sessions with the team. 

“I got into it soon. Everyone was very welcoming in the team and in addition, I know a few players from before.”

What do you say about the game then?

“I'm really impressed with the team. It was really good energy all the time. We can beat Lindesberg, which came 2nd at the Grand Prix, where we did not even qualify. This was an important victory.”

Are you surprised that it looked so good?

“No, we always believe that we can win, but we know we have to work for it and we really did today. It's wonderful to be back in Gislaved,” says Anna Dyakiewicz.

GVK Drove Over 3rd-Ranked Lindesberg at Home. Reason? Team Performance Review.

Lackluster performance against Hylte/Halmstad last weekend brought something good with it. This week, GVK's development emerged.

"We reflected on our individual and team performances last week," said coach Dick Runesson.
It appears to have worked. Grand Prix runner-up Lindesberg visited Gislaved on Saturday, but it was the hard to see that it was the visiting-team who belonged to the top.

GVK did not appear to care about current league rankings, as they came out completely focused and took command of the match from the start.

"It was our mistakes that gave Lindesberg the 2nd set win. We went into the break [between sets 2 and 3] and talked about playing our game, and trusting our game plan. Today we did that to nearly 100 percent."

Yes, in the last two sets were GVK back focused, without mistakes. Oh, the question is whether this was Gislaveds best bet of the season?

"Absolutely. But the best part is that we have more to give"

The match featured many emotions and the crowd was ready to play. As were the coaches, both of whom, at times, seemed irritated on the benches.

"I do not know what you're talking about," Dick laughs, and continues: "I like when there is much emotion involved. Lindesberg's coach is the men's national team coach and should lead by example."

Did you think he did?

"If you have to ask, you have the answer for yourself."

Right in the eye of the storm stood a comeback of Anna Dyakiewicz. She has been away from GVK for two years, but now made a comeback in the blue jersey.

Earlier this week, Runesson said that Anna is an important player for the team. That she is a bellwether.

"Now she was not playing as much today. But now we have two weeks to train hard before the next game. It is a new Gislaved now," he says.

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