Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lindbäck back in GVK

Former player is ready for Gislaved VK. 

Ida Lindbäck (pictured in 2012) is the most recent signee for GVK elit.
"She is proficient in blocking and knows how to score," says sports director Lars Englund.

Team-building in GVK continues.

The club has retained much of last year's squad and has so far recruited two players from outside the organization - until now.

Now they present the third: middle blocker Ida Lindbäck.

She comes from KFUM Göteborg, where the ladies team had to recently withdraw from the highest series.

"Yes, she will continue to live there, and will train with us as much as she can. I know right now it is at least full time every other weeks, and then she will train in Göteborg with those who remain from last year's elitserien team," says Englund.

Ida is not an unknown name to Gislaved. She has grown up in GVK and trained with the elitserien team until just last season when she was moved for work in Göteborg.

"She's pretty tall and she is solid in blocking and knows how to score. She has trained as spiker, too, and it has little of that still in herself. We plan to use her in the middle. That's how it is."

Lindbäck, according to Englund, is the last player to sign. But that may change. Rumors that Katrineholm drop out of the series, so one might find some gems there.

"We are quite satisfied. Of course it could be fun to bring in more fresh faces [from outside GVK], but now it is as it is. Since I do not know what it will be for players in Katrineholm, they may become available if they are pulling out [of the elitserien]."

"We have discussed a lot of names but after careful consideration, we decided that it feels like our core group is very engaged. We run what we have, I think there will be more than good enough."

Ten players are now officially signed for GVK elit, but the squad will be complete with 14. Several development players from the junior team will be lifted up over time.

"Some truly deserve it. All the girls have been absolutely great to train all summer."

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