Monday, September 28, 2015

Bengtsson: "A richer experience"

Bengtsson (4) blocks with Elin Andersson (5) against RIG Falköping

National Team camp was a useful experience.
GVK-talent Terese Bengtsson looks back on an exciting weekend.
"Would be great to get the chance again," says 19-year-old.

When the U19 national team gathered in Falköping for a 3-day training camp, Gislaved VK's Terese Bengtsson part of the squad.

How was the weekend?
- It was exciting. We got to know each other first and were evaluated to see everyone's level. Then we trained as usual with four practice sessions.

Do you think you were in step with the others?
- Yes, I was hanging in nicely. I wasn't behind, and felt I was good with my volleyball level. So it was very nice.

Was there any difference compared to the game in the club?
- It was not quite the same pace, which is the biggest difference. In the top division, it's much faster.

What will you take from the weekend?
- I'm happy with just getting invited, so I will take with me that I reached the tryouts. Just to go there was an experience. To train with a new coach and meet new players.

Soon the season begins for elitserien, how is it feeling?
- I'm really psyched and the season will probably be really fun. It really feels like we are a great team who will help and support each other all the time.

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