Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GVK hopes to surprise

Gislaved is far from being a favorite.
This was clear after the elitserien clubs shared their predictions for the upcoming season. But from GVK's point-of-view, they are happy with the situation.
"I think we can surprise many," says newly signed Dutch player and one of the team's captains, Ester de Vries.
L-R: Team captains from EVS, Örebro, Hylte/Halmstad, Svedala, GVK
Erin Kirby, Aida Rejzovic, Jonna Wasserfaller, Camryn Irwin, Ester de Vries
A seventh-place finish and a defeat in the quarterfinals to league champion ended Gislaved VK's last season. Thus it is not surprising that the team was not selected as a favorite when the elitserien clubs gathered for its annual kick-off meeting.

"No, that was not surprising. But I would like to ask the other clubs to watch out for us, because I think we have much to give this year," says Daniel Magnusson, new head coach for the team.

When Magnusson stepped forward and presented their team, it was a lot about the fresh start the club has taken.

"We have cleared out and built new," described Magnusson.

Several profile players left the organization and they have been replaced with many young players from within the club. But there are also new acquisitions that stands out.

One of them is the Dutch outside-hitter Ester de Vries, who most recently competed in Switzerland. She stood as a team representative in Falköping during the kick-off meeting and she believes the team can take advantage of being an underdog.

"I think it is good that we are the underdogs. We have done well in pre-season, and I think we can surprise a lot once the league starts."

Magnusson (center) pictured with elitserien coaches
Among other things, the team defeated the reigning champion Engelholm and also won Knallecup in Borås. Magnusson is hopeful about the season and aims with a top-four finish, and even to reach the Grand Prix tournament.

"Finishing top-four is a realistic goal to where will we end up this year. But there are many teams that could end up there, and this year, there are no teams that are bad or any team that looks overwhelmingly unbeatable. It will be very exciting," says Daniel Magnusson.

Gislaved VK's season premiers away in Sollentuna on Saturday, October 3rd.

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