Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GVK Beats Swedish Champs

Volleyball | Gislaved won the tight situation, when the match was on the line. Much different from last season.
Hanna Salomäki takes a point against the EVS block
"It is important to remember that it is a friendly match, but if we check what we're doing [in situations like this] we see our training is very very good. We were calm in our play, but we will not get a big headed confidence from this now and think that we are a finished product. We are not, and we have a long way to continue to work," said Daniel Magnusson after 3-1 win (25-23, 28-30, 25-19, 25-20) against Engelholm.

Anyway. The team looks to have come further than last pre-season this time of year.

So it seems.

The team felt a bit more mature, a little smarter, a little faster.

One thing is for sure, if Esther De Vries continues to play as sharp and if Hanna Salomäki plays as smart, then GVK's new pros will impact the overall development of the team.

Salomäki made sure to close the first set.

Engelholm block could not hold her smart attacks at 21-22, or 23-23, and not to 25-23 to end the frame.

The Finnish outside hitter also showed what she goes for the defensive. Variable, dynamic and committed.

She stepped up for her team at the end of the second set, but then EVS drew the long straw and won by 28-30.

In the third set, a Salomäki save just before hitting the floor resulted in an Esther De Vries kill, raising the GVK lead to 16-10. De Vries's network [blocking and attacking] contributed greatly to the home team, and GVK went on to win by 25-19.

GVK ran home with fourth set fairly easily, 25-20.

The sloppiness was evident in both teams in terms of serving, and the timing was not always the best.

But it looked good for being the first training game of the season.

Daniel Magnusson was cautiously optimistic, but realistic.

"I am satisfied but we still have much to work on."

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