Tuesday, December 8, 2015

After sixth-straight elitserien loss...

Talk about a tough road for Gislaved VK in this season's Elitserien.
On Saturday, the team fell in their sixth straight loss 1-3 at home against Hylte / Halmstad.

"But the team stood up well against this hard competition," says Mathilda Carlsson.
Gislaved-Hylte / Halmstad 1-3 (22-25, 21-25, 25-15, 17-25)

GVK's opposite attacker was radiant with several strong attacks, earning seven points.

Perhaps due to what happened hours before the start of the match.

"I've had problems with my one shoulder before, but it has started to feel better and I dare to invest more in the game because I have not felt hindered the same way anymore. Just before the game, I also got acupuncture, six needles in there that hurt, but apparently did the trick," says Mathilda Carlsson.

But a new loss came in the match that can be counted as something of a derby given the distance between the two teams. Many fans of the Halland-based team traveled to Gisle Sportcenter for the match Saturday afternoon.

"Six consecutive losses, of course are not fun, but at the same time this effort was clearly better than the home against Svedala earlier this week," says Mathilda Carlsson.

In fact, Gislaved's girls took the lead with three or four balls in each set - and lost by small margins. 

"I do not know why we have not managed to keep the lead. Sure, we lost some services here and there but that doesn't really stress us. We stayed calm but ... I do not know, it's hard to give a good answer," says Mathilda Carlsson.

After the 1-3 defeat to Svedala on Thursday, coach Daniel Magnusson responded sharply to the team.

"Maybe we needed [him to put the pressure on us] and as I said we played more as a team this time," says Mathilda Carlsson.

Daniel Magnusson:
"I did not yell at one individual player but on how we as a team performed. Compared with the last match [against Svedala], this is an incredible step forward. After that match, I said very disappointed and gave the girls quite a scolding, but now they stepped up and showed that they really want to play for this club," he says.

"We must rise a little more about the rest but we showed Hylte / Halmstad several times that we are a team who will fight. But we miss some of the reception the game, and then it will be difficult against a team that has been in the last two SM-finals."

Dutch outside hitter Ester de Vries was once again the best scorer for the home team and was praised as the match even MVP of GVK - a prize Mathilda Carlsson would have incurred for their sacrificial games in the background.

"Ester had an outstanding match and is important for us, but both she and Hanna Salomäki have the ability to take it to another level, so to some extent I can certainly agree with that Mathilda could have earned the prize," Daniel Magnusson.

Next up for GVK is the final home match of the fall-season, against Örebro with former-GVK setter Josephine Tegenfalk in the roster.

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