Monday, December 21, 2015

Despite the Loss: "Good Game"

Daniel Magnusson requested dangerous game - and he got it
Gislaved continues a tough schedule in the Swedish Elitserien.
But if you believe the coach, the team is on the right path.

Gislaved-Orebro 1-3 (19-25, 26-24, 24-26, 19-25)
It became a bit of a shocker when Gislaved faced Örebro at home in Gisle Sportscenter.

Örebro, with former GVK-setter Josephine Tegenfalk on their roster, was chasing a Grand Prix position, while GVK searched for their first league victory since the third round against RIG Falköping.

"I cannot say that I'm satisfied that we've lost, but the girls do a fantastic match. It may sound silly to those who read the newspaper or follow us that we lose and say that we make a good match. But we did," says coach Daniel Magnusson.


The team was not without problems. First Liberon Jessica Lakatos suffered a concussion during morning practice. She started the game, but in the end was unable to continue.

"Jessica got the okay that she could start the match, but felt nauseous and dizzy so I took her out. But Sofie (Bäck) was amazingly good today."

The team fought tough through the whole match, but more often the play showed Örebro taking the driver's seat than the home team.

In the second and third sets, the match took an exciting turn, with both sets reaching "extra points".

"I get a little of the same feeling as after the Hylte-Halmstad match. We have been up there at the end of sets, but have yet to take it through to the result. I think we should have had at least one point so it's sad when it becomes as it gets."

Magnusson hoped before the match that their team would play daring and aggressive - and he got his wish.

"Yes I definitely think the girls stepped up. Take Terese Bengtsson; she is incredibly young and inexperienced playing at this level, but we are working hard for her to get ready for the playoffs. She was a threat today, Lisa is a threat. Mathilda had a good match. Esther (de Vries) and Hanna (Salomäki) are always threats. We played a little dangerous and a little tougher," he says.

"But then we have to remember that Örebro is a great team. They had some fantastic blocks and took over at the end."

Top of playoffs

But despite playing well, the team will enter the Christmas break with seven straight losses in the Elitserien. Nothing good hindsight, to say the least.

But Magnusson is sure. This team will be at the top during playoffs.

"Give us time and patience and we'll continue working for this team to succeed in the post-season!"

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