Sunday, December 6, 2015

GVK Falls in Derby Match

Sixth straight loss for GVK

The team did not manage to reverse the dismal trend.

Sixth-straight elitserien loss came on Saturday.

MVP Ester de Vries led GVK with 23 points (21 kills and 2 aces)
Gislaveds VK has had a grueling fall season in the Elitseries. On Saturday afternoon, visiting team Hylte/Halmstad, series runner-up, won 3-1 in sets in Gisle Sportcenter, dealing GVK their 6th-straight loss.

HH jumped up to lead 2-0 in sets before the home team began in earnest showing a powerful resistance in the third as they won 25-15.

Below is a short summary of each set.

First Set:

10-minutes into the opening frame, it was the home team who took the lead with 13-8. A head start that failed to manage, as Hylte/Halmstad won 22-25.

Second set:

At the beginning of the second round, GVK again raced up to a 6-3 lead but this was quickly matched by the visiting team from Halland, as they tied the score 7-7 and then took a 6-point advantage.

It was Ester de Vries who stepped up and took a big role at the net, helping her GVK team reduce the deficit to 18-22.

Hylte/Halmstad drug out to lead 2-0 in sets; GVK trailed 21-25

GVK has nevertheless earned some momentum, seeing both Mathilda Carlsson and Hanna Salomäki stepping up for some big plays.

Third Set:

Here there was basically only one team on the court - Gislaved.

The home team took the daring move, edging the visiting team into an unfamiliar situation.

In fact, GVK walked up to 24-14 before the set was decided 25-15.

Fourth Set:

Gislaved began radiant and stepped up again in a 6-3-lead which then turned into 11-14 for the guests who are doing everything to close the game.

GVK fell 1-3 in sets to the visiting team, Hylte/Halmstad, with final score of 17-25.

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