Sunday, February 7, 2016

GVK-American's Super Bowl Plan: "Seven-Layer Dip"

Sherman's tips for the year's biggest sporting event

Seven-layer dip, chips and chicken wings.
Tonight, Meghan Sherman misses home.
"Panthers will win," says volleyball player.

American football | Denver Broncos with years of championship experience against the youthful Carolina Panthers.

The stage is set for Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco the night of Monday Swedish time.

Gislaved VK's Meghan Sherman is one of several million TV viewers worldwide - and she is clear about the tip.

"I have always admired the Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning who has had an extremely successful career, but I can't help but cheer for the Panthers and Cam Newton. They have had a phenomenal season and it would be awesome if they won," says Sherman.

She was born and raised in the state of Florida, a state that has several NFL teams.

"My favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. Dan Marino was my idol when I was younger but it has been hard for the Dolphins these past years. Hopefully Ryan Tannehill can developed into another quality quarterback," she says.

But it is not just Super Bowl that is in focus.

Millions of dollars are spent on food and snacks for the annual match.

"In the US, we always had sort of a taco casserole, built with seven layers: taco meat, beans, lettuce, salsa, and cheese were a few ingredients," says the GVK setter.

But the dream menu does not end there ...

"Then we have chicken wings, chips and dips. We always have quite a buffet at home, haha."

Meghan Sherman studied at the University of Tampa, which is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"I like the Bucs, too. In fact, one of my college teammate's father was just named head coach, which is really cool," said Meghan Sherman.

It is most likely that she will watch the Broncos-Panthers alone Monday night.

Her boyfriend and coach, Daniel Magnusson may join her.

"I think that it will be difficult to get some of girls from the team, with it being so late in the night," she says.

"I expect that it will be a fun and tight match, but the Panthers win by 21-13."

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