Saturday, February 13, 2016

Joy announcement: "Can not describe"

Gislaved VK lost 0-3 against Lindesberg.
It didn't matter to Lina Johansson.

After a year spent recovering from her knee injury, she made two brief appearances in the match.
It did not help so much.

"I can hardly describe it. I was a bit nervous, but terribly excited. It was wonderful to pull on my jersey again."

364 days. As long as she had expected.

No pressure as she entered the match. Full of smiles.

"I am happy. It is certainly a loss today but personally it's great to be back," she said after the 12-25, 19-25, 22-25.

And it was a promising comeback. The feeling was there just like before.

She made three services.

One gave an ace, and a joyous roar.

"It was just joy then. It was so incredibly nice. All my nerves disappeared."

Lina Johansson revealed that she has retained her strength in serving. It gave the whole GVK a boost towards Lindesberg.

"It's really fun. She has fought hard. She did really well. We know that she has a good serve and a good understanding of the game. There are still more places that we can use her. She has not had it easy. She has not been able to participate in the exercises and it's mentally tough to be away so long. But it's great to know that she may be back," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

It was not enough to meet Lindesberg.

When GVK came to the floor, with Hanna Salomäki and Ester De Vries on the bench with injuries, Lindesberg had no major problems attacking the home defense.

It went a bit better in the second.

And in the third frame, GVK served much tougher and pressured Lindesberg to the end.

Mathilda Carlsson switched positions to take over Salomäki's place. Carlsson and Ebba Ekblad led the offense with 7 kills apiece from the left side.

And Meghan Sherman was named the home team's MVP for her efforts.

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