Saturday, February 20, 2016

GVK's loss expected

Gislaved did as expected, and fell 0-3 (13-25, 19-25, 21-25) against visiting Engelholm.

Gislaved was not ready at the start of the match.

Engelholm did a bit of what they wanted and took home the first set relatively easily.

But during the break between the first and second sets, coach Daniel Magnusson's voice was heard throughout the gym and instantaneously Gislaved took the floor as another team.

In the second frame, they played evenly with Engelholm, but as before the visitors raced ahead to set-point at 16-24. Gislaved knocked three-straight balls but came no closer than 19-25.

In the final set, GVK continued to play evenly with Engelholm. A couple pressured points sent the guests into match point, but the final score difference was only four balls.

Lisa Tannerfalk was named the best player, and shared her thoughts in an interview with Värnamo Nyheter:

"It felt pretty ok, despite the loss. There were times that we struggled in serve receive, but at the same time, Engelholm has some really great servers who pressured us well, and we did not challenge them enough with our serves. After the first set, we had a much needed wake-up call and I think we showed a lot of mental strength and toughness to respond as we did. The first set was really bad, we took a mental time out that Daniel pointed out in the 10-minute break that we weren't fully focused at the start of the match, and I'm really disappointed that we couldn't take a set or two, even win the match today, but I'm proud of the team that we were able to come back in the second and third and show that we can compete at a higher level for the future."

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