Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bedtime rules should provide more discipline

New coach Daniel Magnusson builds GVK with sights aimed for a top-four finish.
Ester de Vries, Meghan Sherman, and Hanna Salomäki are just a few that will contribute towards that goal.
BEFORE THE SEASON Gislaved VK continued to build.
Värnamo Nyheter has got an exclusive look at the blueprints.

It is time for the end of an era. Dick Runesson has stepped down. Daniel Magnusson has stepped up.

It's the month of May. GVK will choose a path. Home-grown players again or new pros?

Magnusson knows what he wants. He takes out a pen and paper. At the top of the paper he writes: "We're not saying it will be easy, but it will be worth it." It is only the beginning of a long 10-page manual. The beginning of a reconstruction project. The beginning of the way back to the top.


In September, midway between history and the new building; a Thursday practice just weeks before today's elite series premiere gone towards Sollentuna. The new acquisition Esther De Vries has a clear path for her attack.

"Go for it," cries Magnusson.

She does not listen.

Instead, she gently places her roll-shot to fall brutally on the other side of the net.

"There are different paths to the same goal," says Daniel Magnusson, smiling.

He still got his way.

"I really wanted her [in our team] and I fought bit to get her here," he says, smiling.


Esther De Vries stood at the top of the wish list. A young, hard hitting Dutch. She initially turned the club's offer down. But GVK was stubborn and continued to fight for what they wanted. Lars Englund and the club signed Hanna Salomäki early. A defensive magnet from Finland.

Along with GVK-foundation, young talent and new building blocks, Gislaved aims to be in the top four.

The process is in the team's newly written manual. Värnamo News has received an exclusive preview.

Bedtime Policy

The manual will make the team more disciplined and take up everything from nightly curfews to where each player should stand when the team is blocking cross.

"Our defense game could be a bit fixated last year. We had one defensive tactic that we used throughout the entire game. Now we will be able to switch seamlessly during the play," says Magnusson.

The manual also controls the environment during practices and games.

"During practices, the bags will be far from water bottles to eliminate unnecessary disruptions, and keeps players from being tempted to check their phones during training."

It is also ruled out with the "bed-fellow social media" in the late evenings. After 22:00, the players shall not engage in Facebook or the like. At that time, it's bedtime.

"They should sleep eight to ten hours every night, in order to be prepared in a good way."

Active rest

There are also written rules that players should drink two to three liters of water, juice or milk each day.

Players also have been given clear guidelines on how they should eat quality carbohydrates, clean proteins and fruits and vegetables.

And gone are the lazy off-days. Now instead they have "active rest".

"Days off should includes easy-going exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming or yoga."

RESULTS SEASON 14/15: Finished 7th in the Elitserien, defeated in Championship quarter-final by eventual champion Engelholm.

Newcomers: Esther de Vries, Hanna Salomäki, Ida Lindbäck plus four from the development team.

Players lost: Mikaela Larsson, Lauren Rafdal, Anna Dyakiewicz, Sanna Schultz, Emma Pettersson, Amanda Lankinen, Johanna Larsson, Dick Runesson (coach).

Head Coach: Daniel Magnusson.

Goal: the top four.

Series Favorite: Hylte / Halmstad.

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