Friday, January 1, 2016

"We can do better"

Gislaveds VK has a tough run through the elitserien.
Ester de Vries does not let her game be affected by the losses.

You lead Värnamo Nyheter's Hat League in GVK so far, what do you think of your contribution up to this point?

-I'm very grateful that I got the opportunity to play with GVK because I had a very severe injury last season. Keeping that in mind, I have done very well. And I'm glad that I continue to see that I developed. But at the same time, I know that both I and the team can get better.

What do you think about the team effort so far?

- We have worked hard, but obviously, I think we can do better. I know we have many young and inexperienced players so I think that we do it well. Especially these young players have shown much willingness to improve.

What do you need to do to start winning again?

- Right now we have time to get the team together and work more as a team and let the younger talent get used to the higher tempo. We will continue to be better but it's in the playoffs that it really matters. If we play as a team and are focused throughout the matches, it will.

What are you most pleased with the team?

- How do we fight hard and have fun together.

You have lived in big cities before, how does life in Gislaved?

- There is a big difference from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and San Francisco (California, USA).

What do you do want to do here that you have not done?

- I want to see a real live moose.

What are you afraid of?

- The fact that the moose will come out in front of my car. And minus degrees.

If your apartment catches fire what do not you take with you?

- My hard drive.

Hat Leaders: Gislaved VK

1. Ester de Vries, 13
2. Hanna Salomäki, Meghan Sherman, 11
4. Lisa Tannerfalk, 8
5. Mathilda Carlsson, 7
6. Jessica Lakatos, 4
7. Emma Tegnhammar, Sofie Bäck, 2
9. Ida Lindbäck, Terese Bengtsson, 1

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