Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GVK is hopeless in quarterfinals - according to national team coach

The search for SM-Gold kicks off on Wednesday.

Star player Ester De Vries will be absent when Gislaved begins quarterfinal series against Svedala on Wednesday night.
"But without her, the playoffs will be short," says Ismo Peltoarvo. took a chat with Sweden's national coach - who played down Gislaveds chance.

Despite that, GVK notoriously defeated Svedala in the beginning of 2016.

But without hard-hitting Dutch player Ester De Vries, the playoffs could be a short story for the team, says Ismo Peltoarvo.

"As long as Ester De Vries was in play, Gislaved felt like a team that could surprise everyone. Now I have very hard to see them take a match against Svedala. Says more of the high-class Ester is," he says.

In the Dutch player's absence, Peltoarvo choose to highlight Gislaved's other foreign professionals.

"Hanna Salomäki (from Finland) and Meghan Sherman (USA) belong to the Elite series top players. GVK has done a good job of recruiting professionals," added the coach.

Among the Swedish names, Ismo believes that a great talent Ebba Ekblad, from Värnamo, stands out.

"Ebba's rapid development is, and will be especially interesting to follow in the future," he says of the young girl who joined from playing in Division 2 in the winter.

Does Daniel Magnusson have what it takes to be a successful Elite League coach?
"Yes, Daniel has impressed and really seems to be the wise tactical choice. But to build a winning culture, and I mean to be a constant championship candidate, it requires that the organizations have a full-time coach. There is one way that Gislaved can improve, compared to those few top clubs who have chosen to give their coaches the opportunity to focus on their mission fully," says Ismo Peltoarvo.

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