Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Season over for GVK

There was heavy challenge for GVK in the third quarter-final against Svedala. 
Photo: Henrik Hultqvist

Season over for GVK

Gislaved failed to blare out a victory in the quarterfinals meeting against Svedala. It is clear after loss 3-0 (25-22, 25-15, 25-11) in the third match.

Gislaved had no good options.

Two of the three international professionals was missing and the first Libero.

But they still challenged the home team in the first set. After a nightmare opening where they trailed 0-6, GVK stood tall.

"It is the absolute best set ever with those who were on the court," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

They could not edge closer than 22-25, and were unable to pressure Svedala the rest of the game.

Second set was won by the home team with ten balls and the third and last of the season for GVK, with a clear 14 points.

Thus, the season is over for Gislaved losing match series against Svedala 3-0 in matches.

"There are many emotions running through your body but what I am pleased about is how we finished considering the players we have and the situation has become. We conclude with flying colors even if there is a loss it says on paper."

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