Sunday, March 13, 2016


Daniel Magnusson knows exactly how the team should play against Svedala

Engelholm was the team they thought they would get.
But when the quarterfinals elections were finished, it was a completely different team.
- There's no way, says coach Daniel Magnusson.

Engelholm got to pick first. They chose RIG Falköping. Örebro chose Sollentuna, and Gislaved? Svedala.

"Most people here thought it would be Engelholm, historically, they tend to choose us. Now we will face Svedala, and we think this will be a fun series. First-place against last, runner-up took 7th, and so on," says Magnusson.

Svedala is a team that Gislaved defeated during the regular season, winning on their home court and Magnusson's keys to success are clear:

"It's about to get rid of their foreign players. Mo Simmons has 450 points, that's pretty impressive. You have to get her off balance."

How to get a player out of balance in volleyball?
"Trip her at the net ..."

"No, joking aside, we should be a little tougher against them and win the mental games. An additional block, or our players can utilize their hands to get the block-out."

Gislaved begins the quarterfinal series at home on Wednesday, and will therefore have a slight advantage before playing quarterfinals two and three in Svedala.

"This first game is the most important. To go down to Svedala is tough, all the teams have trouble down there. It's a boring gym."

"Now it's about building confidence and remind the players of everything that we have done well. There is no point to anything that has not worked, but you should be aware of it and see the possibilities."

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