Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hopeless GVK fell marginally

The coach Daniel Magnusson and his GVK is on the way out of the Championship finals.
Photo: Henrik Hultqvist 

SM-playoffs risk becoming a short story for Gislaved who, on Sunday, lost Quarterfinal 2.

The home team from Skåne won an undisputed match 3-0 in sets by 25-13, 25-13 and 25-12.

Svedala took Wednesday's first quarterfinal meeting (3-2), which means that fate will be decided on Tuesday, also at Svedala' home court.

"I can not give us more than a failing grade for this. We had nothing to give, and did not got better when Hanna Salomäki forced to throw in the towel after overheating," said Daniel Magnusson.

The reason: fever.

"She could hardly breathe and I will certainly not risk anyone's well-being. With Hanna on the sideline, I was forced to rotate in positions where Mathilda Carlsson took care of the left and Ida Lindbäck right side. It was of course not optimal, and such changes gave a clear advantage to Svedala," says GVK-coach.

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