Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Daniel becomes the new GVK-trainer

Assistant coach takes over | GVK takes in a new spiker
Daniel Magnusson will be the new head coach of Gislaved VK.

Daniel Magnusson is close to signing for Gislaveds VK.

At the same time, the club has signed serve receiving-spiker Hanna Salomäki.

"I look forward to building on what Dick Runnesson has built up. It will be fun to develop it."

Gislaveds VK has an oral-agreement with Magnusson, but he is expected to sign shortly.

Hanna Salomäki is already clear to Gislaved Volleyboll Klubb. She is a serve receiving-spiker. Something to build the team around. She is 20 years old and merited from the Finnish junior national team. She also belonged to the training squad for the Finnish A-team.

"There is a type of player we have been looking for to raise the level on the left side. We wanted to have a European player and Hanna was a great fit."

Finland's Highest League
Hanna Salomäki
"She is good in defense, have good pressure when she attack and is a very fit athlete."

She has most recently played for Piekfamala in the Finnish top league.

"Age-wise, she fits nicely into GVK and it is good that the club would look a little different. There are many American players in the series and getting into a Finnish player sounds exciting," says Magnusson.

Magnusson was most impressed by Salomäkis defense and reception.

"She moves well and has good ball control. Despite her young age, she is a smart offensive player and can go both on the cross-court and line, as well as different tempos. It's good for the club to bring in a winning player. She is young but is used to winning and has a drive to win. It's a winner that wins."

She has won the Finnish Cup and was named the best player in the final. And she was selected to the All-Star team in Nordic Junior Championships and has been named one of Finland's best junior beach players.

"Very welcoming"

"GVK is very welcoming, helpful and excited to have me as part of their team," says Salomäki.

How would you describe yourself as a player?
"I am a good back row  player and I'm sure I can get the players to be extra motivated to play defensively and help them with passports are."

You are not so tall to be a outside hitter, how does that affect your game?
"I'm shorter than most attackers on the outside so I try to have many options at the net. Being a calm and smart player will be important for me to help the younger players on the court and hopefully they can trust me. "

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