Sunday, May 24, 2015

Interview with Daniel Magnusson

Name: Daniel Magnusson
Age: 29
Lives: Gislaved
Playing Experience: Ljungby VBK 2002-2005, LVBK beach volleyball 2002-2005, KFUM Jonkoping 2006-2007.
Coaching Experience: Ljungby VBK Youth Coach 2004-2006, Småland District Team Coach in 2005; from 2008 to 2012, he was a trainer in various roles including head coach of Ljungby's elite team before he came to Gislaved VK last season. In addition, he has coached college teams from the United States in various international tournaments in Europe alongside Bring it Promotions. He has also coaches a summer camp in Alaska and held skill sessions at Jacksonville Juniors in Florida.
Hobbies: Travel; I love cities with a lot of culture and history.

We start with the classic sports question - how does it feel?
It's exciting and I think we have a good plan for the upcoming season. I hope we can change some small details, but at the same time continue to build on what we do well in the club. Of course, I am also nervous of what's to come. The Elitserien is an incredibly good league that gets better and better with each passing year. The clubs gain better players and work hard to develop their teams. I hope we can make a good result. It feels like there is a good drive in the club right now and I am happy that we are well into the planning for building the new team.

What was it that made you interested in taking the head coach position?
First of all, I have the opportunity to shape a team as I want, but also that GVK is a club that knows what it takes to succeed and they want to develop. When I was asked, the club presented their belief in me and my ideas, which is obviously nice to know. The club has a good mix of experience and youthful will, and with some spices from abroad, I think we can get together a great team.

How are you as a leader?
Pretty picky. I know how I want us to play and I'm not satisfied until I feel that we have done everything we can. I like to be clear and want everyone to know what is expected of them. I like to train in a way where the quality is the most important. I also hope that I am fair. My focus is trying to explain what I want and that the team feel we get better all the time.

What drives you as a volleyball coach?
The feeling, desire and satisfaction you feel when you have worked hard towards a goal or a specific detail, and you see that player or team succeed in implementing this and get the desired result.

What have you got for the feeling of the club?
A club that wants to get better. The club always tries to solve different situations to the best of their ability. Of course it can happen that things go wrong along the way, but there is still a good-hearted will and the club is working toward developing. Another feeling is that I come to a club with a tremendous amount of youth activities and that is something to be obviously happy and proud of.

Finally - Describe yourself in three words!
Loyal, committed and trustworthy.

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