Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jessica Lakatos Signs with GVK

Jessica's rehab training has gone so well that she has chosen to renew the contract.

After a year of problems with injuries Jessica is ready for a new start with GVK this fall.

"It feels great now, my craving for volleyball has come back after a good rehab workouts and I feel strong and ready for a new season. It will be very exciting to see what we can achieve with the new coach and new players," says Jessica.

The first Gislaved-born player has signed with the elite team. Libero Jessica Lakatos has come back after a year of problems with injuries and we welcome her back!

Hi Jessica. We are delighted that you have decided to renew the contract with the elite team and thought place a few questions for you.

What are you looking forward to next season?

It will be an exciting season with more development, and I am really psyched to really go hard! And then I think also that they will be fun with some new changes.

What do you think you can bring to the team?

Game-wise, I think I can contribute with calmness and good defense, then obviously a little laughter

How long have you been playing volleyball?

Started as a nine year old with volleyed 2000, so I'm probably up there in 16 years. Time flies ...

What made you chose Gvk?

I think of course that this is a good club, we always get great camaraderie in the team which I think is tremendous fun and a sense of security. I'm very happy here!

What is the best thing about volleyball?

Oops, theres a lot but have to say the defense and the family feel of the team.

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