Saturday, May 9, 2015

Interview with Mathilda Carlsson

Right-player Mathilda Carlsson has chosen to sign on for her 4th season with GVK Elit. Mathilda will bring a strong attack to our right-side and the club is very excited about her choice to continue.

Hi Mathilda. We are delighted that you have decided to sign on for another season. You were number two to write on and thought to ask a few questions to get to know you a little better.

What are you looking forward to next season?
I look forward to developing even more next season. I feel like I have much left to give. It will be really fun with some new ideas and changes. Then you will see the excitement over which team we will have 😊

What do you think you can bring to the team?
What I most contribute with is probably a happy and positive atmosphere in the team. I love to laugh! Haha. Game-wise, I do not know, maybe my strength in attack.

How long have you been playing volleyball?
I started playing volleyball in Smålandsstenar when I went in 6th grade in middle school, so there will be approximately 11 years, with a 2 year break after high school. This will be my 4th season at the elite level.

What made you chose GVK?
After we graduated high school, we lost many players from my girls' team in my hometown SmÃ¥landsstenar, so we had no team left. During that time, I had no where to play. Two years later, however, my craving for volleyball was so great that I tested it in GVK's B team, and was immediately hooked. GVK is the club geographically closest to me after the SVK. Then I had of course also my best friend Cecilia Ã…sberg who had gone to GVK the previous year, so that was another contributing factor.

What is the best thing about volleyball?
What is the very best of volleyball is that something is happening all the time. Agree with Lisa where it is the ultimate team sport!

That said, stay tuned because soon we can hopefully release another two bombs about our team. Know that it might be even be some new faces that we welcome into the GVK family!

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