Friday, May 8, 2015

Team Recruiting in Full Swing

Lisa Tannerfalk is ready for another season with Gislaved Volleyboll Klubb. Lisa finished last season ninth in the league with 45 blocks, and added 84 attacking points during the regular season.

We are delighted that Lisa has chosen to stay to continue to develop with us.

INTERVIEW: Lisa Tannerfalk

Hello Lisa. How fun it is that you were the first to sign with GVK. We are happy to have you in the club and thought put some questions to you:

What are you looking forward to next season?
I always find it exciting with the changes and it will be fun to see what next year has to offer. With a new coaching staff, a little different approach and some new players, we have to start from scratch a little again. Getting together good team chemistry, I think, will be the toughest yet the most exciting part of next season!

What do you think you can bring to the team?
A good block games that help our defense. But above all to spread positive energy in training and match!

How long have you been playing volleyball?
For 10 years, six years at the elite level.

What made you chose GVK?
I played one season in Lindesberg directly after high school (at RIG Falköping), but did not like it there. Then became persuaded by my dear Gislaved friends to test a season in GVK-jersey and I thought "a year in the small town, I guess I can deal with that..." But then it went so very well in the team and now after the whole 5 seasons I feel like a real Gislaved-resident. It was pretty clear that staying here was an obvious choice.

What is the best thing about volleyball?
Oh so much ... But above all it is the ultimate team sport! This is very cliché to say, but in volleyball it certainly is that "the team is no stronger than its weakest link!"

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