Saturday, October 3, 2015

CHRONICLE: It will not be easy

Mathilda Carlsson gets lost every now and then.

She steps into the court and want to help with the serve-reception for the player to her left. That is not what Daniel Magnusson wants. There are misunderstandings and missed points.

From the old comes the new.

New times and new requirements.

The new head coach Daniel Magnusson stands with team-manual in hand.

On the first page it says: "We're not saying it will be easy, but it will be worth it." He and the team has formulated where to go with their future. The road leads away from last season's seventh place, away from the bottom, traveling through a volleyball world that continues rotating.

Last season, the team was fixated and thus easily readable in their defense game.

This season, GVK must be able to redraw the map and find new ways to win during games. They must have a team where every player takes on greater responsibility for the team's goals.

Otherwise the team will get stuck where they stand, unable to find the way to the series top. It is a must when modern volleyball is controlled by moving game models and the smarter players who are constantly looking for weaknesses and new ways to achieve victories.

Magnusson has sent out a more mobile GVK during the preseason. And the team has got something they lacked last season. More flexibility.

But also more clarity.

Magnusson's Manual, that includes everything from days off to dietary rules, will certainly be a good compass towards a more disciplined GVK.

Written rules are good - as long as they are followed. If they do not, then it can spread a bad atmosphere. It has not been seen in GVK so far.

Along the way, they have already piled up victories and brought home some success. Meanwhile, there Dick Runesson's GVK-drive remains. And the team feels somewhat back from last season. Inspired, energetic and daring.

In training matches, they have learned to climb up from the slumps to fight back and win the decisive long rallies. The team rarely gets desperate or stuck. It creates confidence and is a testament to Magnusson and shows that GVK seems to be on the right path. The single needle in confidence balloon is a 2-3 loss to Svedala.

But what has the "new" GVK actually achieved?

A manual, a quick feel-good sensation, and a championship win at Knallecup.

What is it worth?

A lot. But not all.

The team wants to reach the top four.

There is a long way to go.

It will not be easy.

But it will be worth it.

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