Saturday, October 10, 2015

Monster Weekend Awaits GVK

Gislaved set to face both the Danish and Swedish reigning champions.

Hanna Salomäki is a key player in the weekend's matches.

It is only the second weekend of the season, but already now GVK faces their toughest matches.

Daniel Magnusson trains his team Thursday evening.

He steps in. Picking at minor details and also gets upset after a short while.

He is simply on his toes, just as the whole team must be facing the weekend ahead.

"It is the toughest weekend of the season. But it's nice to have it so early, before the darkness comes and possible flaws and damage. So it is good for us."

The darkness?
"Yes, you must factor that into planning your season. It is a difficult period when autumn comes. It is difficult to come to the gym, night after night. We have talked about the girls to take multi-vitamins, and be prepared for being sluggish now when you don't get that additional boost from the sunshine."

The teams they face are tough. The two-time Danish champions Brøndby VK visits Gisle Sports Centre on Saturday and on Sunday the team travels to Ängelholm for the match against the reigning Swedish champions. The latter match counts double: both in Swedish Elitserien and Öresundsliga.

"We play for nine total points this weekend. It feels incredibly exciting. Nine points on a weekend, that's what some teams earn in one season."

But two games in a weekend will not be a problem for GVK. At least not according to Magnusson.

"In our season planning, we've run hard until last week. So Sollentuna we started to taper, or should have been, anyway. This week has been a little calmer."

You feel in the air that this weekend is something to look forward to. Especially when the players have more to give.

"So far we have not been properly tested. We have played well, controlled games, but have not been tested. At times we have needed to come together, but will we come together or hesitate when the going gets tough?"

The question remains unanswered. Either way they go full-swing this weekend, with hopes to use many lineups.

"The hope is to go around with different people on Saturday and in the best of worlds even Sunday. We are very focused on winning Sunday's match, when it is six points at stake. On Saturday it is "only" three."

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