Saturday, October 17, 2015

National Sports High School Awaiting for GVK

Gislaved has not lost against RIG Falköping since November 2011

RIG Falköping is a team that GVK has beaten easily, but Daniel Magnusson raises a warning finger.
"If you give them an inch, they will take a mile," he says.

The elitserien premier went smoothly.

Then came last weekend. Two losses. Down to earth. GVK had, as it wished, have been tested.

"We can say that definitively. Engelholm tested us to the core," says GVK-coach Magnusson.

Now awaits RIG Falköping. A team Gislaved not lost to in four years.

The keys to beating Falköping [see note] have been hammered out during the week, with the team working on defense. An area they were not in control of last Sunday against EVS.

"We were a bit taken by surprise in the defense then, there were a couple of areas that we thought we had better check on. We have tried to solve it and have worked hard on the block, specifically how to block against RIG, and to create a security and an atmosphere where we can communicate with each other."

"It will be exciting. I think it's a little redemption that we're playing for; we want to of course always win when we play."

Is there someone you should look out for?
"Stina Rix. She is up at the top of the scoring leaders. She is a key player for us in RIG."

However, it is Gislaved that has some bumps and bruises within the team.

"There are some that are not quite as fresh as we'd like, but we have a big squad and many hungry players. Ester (De Vries) did not train Friday, and she is a question mark. There are some others that got some special treatment in the day but practiced."

"It is not that we will not be able to set up a team that can win, but we'll see what six it is. I do not think I will know until just before the start of the match. There will be a lot of discussion, a lot of feeling and very long warm-up before we take a decision."


Magnusson's Keys to Victory:

1. We have to go-for-it as a team, playing together. RIG is a very talented group, if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.
2. Dare to serve tough. It is a weak area for RIG, so if we can serve tough, we should have a lot of success.
3. Believe in ourselves. We should not get nervous because we lost last weekend. It is only to believe what we do, push forward, and show a lot of heart.

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